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Sunday, July 15, 2012

I lurv Russell Brand. He's dirty and skanky and I just can't get enough. He makes me laugh. I want to procreate with him. He has graced the front of my Chemistry binder for two years. Clearly I'm a fifteen year old girl.

I also like Katy Perry. She is spunky and cute and I'm pretty sure she's made of bubble gum. Her music is fun. But she stole my future baby daddy. My husband loves her so much that he once shushed me during one of her Proactiv commercials.

But even I had to admit that they were cute and spunky and dirty together. It seemed like a quirky match made in bubble gum heaven. I was sad when they went kaput.

Last night my husband and son decided to see the new Spiderman movie with my cousin and I wasn't in the mood. On a whim, my aunt and I decided to see Katy Perry: Part of Me instead. I was surprised to find that I kind of wanted to see it. I assumed it would be a fluff film filled with people talking about how great and original she is. I also thought the theater might be cotton candy scented.

It was good. So good. It was pointed and real and incredibly touching, and I left with a whole new respect for her as an individual. I'd always presumed that she was a spoiled pop star who made a gazillion dollars singing about kissing girls and liking it. Instead, I found her to be endearing, hardworking and kind. The girl has depth and I'm sorry that I ever assumed otherwise. She cares about her fans and is the consummate professional. She is also very human. She hurts like the rest of us, but she dusts herself off and perseveres. Lo and behold, I want to be friends with her.

I confess that I want to be Katy Perry when I grow up. She's got a rockin' body and makes no qualms about being her quirky self. Her boobs are perky. Rainbow colored hair suits her.

I want to look like this when I grow up. . .

She's not immortal, though. In the end, I saw that fame and fortune do not buy happiness (although it helps). You really do have to make it for yourself. Cliché, I know. Sure, sometimes I dream of having her life. What girl wouldn't? From the outside it looks shiny and perfect. She has a makeup artist, personal trainer, and stylist at her disposal. But would I really want it if I could have it? Probably not. At least not for long. I learned this: She's not without heartache. She looks like the average girl without piles of makeup and wigs. She gets zits. I'm not sure where I'm going with this. See the movie. It was good. Katy Perry is a lovely girl.

P.S. I'm think Russell may have been a sucky husband.

P.S.S. I still love him.

P.S.S.S. But now I love her, too.

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