Oh man, I love fall. I look forward too it more than Christmas. I work hard not to hasten summer's end, just so I can extend the lovely anticipation. Because although it's my favorite season, and one of my favorite things in the whole wide world period, it's also the shortest.

This morning I got up bright and early on my day off to attend a training session at work. In and out in 90 minutes. The air is crisp and (much needed!) periodical rain showers have the world smelling scrubbed and fresh. I left work and headed to a local coffee shop to cross more things off my digital to-do list. Only, I'd forgotten my computer bag at home. So I trudged on back, put on sweatpants, and am spending the afternoon embroidering and catching up on my DVR. It seems forgetting my computer wasn't a mistake so much as a point in the right direction.

Tonight we are headed to Portland's Night Market and the weekend is devoted to the odd project plus lots of lounging. (I hope.) Here's to enjoying cooler weather, the opportunities a new season brings, and stealing those little moments that can bring the most joy.

Here are some things I've seen, heard and bookmarked lately:

The Magic Yarn Project has my whole heart.

PBteen + Harry Potter. Teenage me is all, like, OMG! (These sheets are grownup enough, right?)

Husband and I just finished the miniseries Manhunt:Unibomber and were pretty riveted—so many fascinating aspects to the story we didn't know! I read this article to delve a little deeper.

Learning about "dot journaling," via Erin, who also referenced a site for "bullet journaling." It sounds right up my alley in that it appears to be a hybrid of journaling/personal planning/scrapbooking. (Correct me if I'm wrong!)

Mario sent me a link to the website Pack Up + Go the other day and I was instantly enchanted by the concept. I'm in!

Dusting off the pressure cooker...ramen is on the menu this weekend.

My current read. (It's good!)

Mail order TP that will make your bum"smile." (Says the girl who orders her TP off Amazon.)

Loved the book, badly want to watch the show. (Worth the upgrade to HBO? Have you seen it?)

The original, forever and always. (My sweet husband bought me a new one on a recent trip...the weather is slowly getting cool enough to wear it.)

Absolutely enchanted with these embroidery patterns by Thread Folk. (The re-release started yesterday for kits/pre-printed fabric. PDF patterns are coming in the near future.)

Currently using this skin brightening system once a week and my dullness-prone skin looks awesome. (I've been a fan of his Truth Serum for ages.)

Currently wearing this popover on repeat. (Comfy + effortless + so many complements! And now it's on sale!)

Seen, Heard & Bookmarked: Welcoming Fall

Friday, September 29, 2017

Life these days is in limbo: grad school apps are submitted and sitting in electronic queues out in the ether; the training for my new job wrapped up last week, as did my consistent 40-hour work weeks (per diem = total flexibility + "Can you work for me?!"). I'm on my own! (Yikes.) Kiddo started his senior year last Wednesday, which made things feel very real. His age, my age, our place in life...it all feels sort of strange sometimes.

I'm looking forward to more time at home, more dates with my husband, Saturday morning cross country meets (my favorite), and the return to some creative endeavors. This is a sweet season I'm moving into, but those pesky What's going to happen? kind of questions are always lingering in the back of my mind. It's a waiting game and I stink at it.

To combat funky feelings that creep up throughout the day, as tends to happen when one is in life-goal limbo, I've been focusing on self-care. Regular massages, less caffeine, food resets, and a better bedtime routine. (Swing shift has thrown a wrench in that last one.) I'm on my third novel in a month and that's awesome because Reading > Candy Crush Saga, always. (Especially for those prone to anxiety.)

Here are some things that have caught my eye or made life more interesting as of late:

My next embroidery project. (A lucky IG discovery and a departure from past projects.)

Speaking of embroidery, this is a lovely solution for all those lingering pieces of embroidery floss

Modest + beautiful one-piece swimsuits for the win. I'm smitten with this one and this one.

The pillow struggle is real. A couple weeks ago I splurged on this kapok pillow, which I randomly discovered while perusing plank & coil in Portland. Best accidental find ever. No more waking up with a sore neck and I'm sleeping like a baby. (When I think of all the sub par $20 pillows I have stacked in the closet, this seems like less of a splurge.)

Using this vinegar shine rinse by Klorane 1-2 times per week to brighten up my blonde hair and reduce brassiness. It works like a charm.

These Clam Chowder Fritters are on my must-try list. (via an old issue of Coastal Living found in the break room.)

My intentionally mismatched room chairs looked more gypsy than quirky-cute in our new open-concept rental. So far they've gotten a couple coats of pale grey chalk paint and a little light distressing. (I'm working up to a proper distressing. Be brave, Sarah!) This weekend the seats are getting covered in a beautiful patterned fabric by Rifle Paper Co. that will tie them together with our antique navy/natural wood table.

A new planner to better manage my ever-evolving schedule. Fingers crossed there will be lots of grad school interviews in there in the coming months!

A pretty + inspiring DIY blog. (I'm probably the very last person to discover it.)

My favorite travel skincare. (I try very hard to bring only a carry-on for trips less than 4 days, so small + mighty is a must. I just ordered my second set!)

I'm obsessed with the My Favorite Murder podcast. I listen to it whenever I have even a moment to spare. (Husband gave me a little side-eye about my newest infatuation, but came to the conclusion that most of us love murder: "I guess I'm reading a book about murder. So, kind of the same." Also, 2200 seasons of Law & Order and all its spinoffs would suggest I'm not alone.)

Happy Weekend!


Seen, Heard & Bookmarked: Life in the meantime.

Friday, September 8, 2017