If I Wasn't Laughing, I'd Be Crying

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My kiddo is pretty amazing. He's smart, funny, interesting, and infuriating. Sometimes I want nothing more than a break from his zaniness, but the second he's gone I miss him. I don't think I'd know who I am or what I'm capable of without him. I know, every mom says that about her child(ren). But ask anyone that has ever met him . . . this particular kid is something else.

For years people have been telling me to write a book. Perhaps one day. I have always said the title would be: If I Wasn't Laughing, I'd Be Crying. In the meantime, I can blog about the things he says and does. Then I'll compile it into a book! Stroke of genius! So here is the first of what I'm sure will be many blogs about my crazy kid.

He is artistic and thoughtful:

He has been on a mission all morning: To perfect his origami Yoda technique. There is James Bond Yoda, Ninja Yoda, and Avatar Yoda to name a few. He is even learning origami Chewbacca and origami Darth. When the kid puts his mind to something, he is all in. If only he would apply that conviction to his chores once in a while.

Knowing my love of Yoda and owls, he made me this cute little creature. "His name is Yowl." A Yowl must be very wise, indeed. I will cherish it forever.

He is one STYLISH dude:

5th Grade

He doesn't cut his hair between September and June, so it gets quite shaggy as the school year progresses. This picture was definitely taken in May when his hair is at it's longest. Having it hang in his eyes makes me nuts. "It's nature's wool hat, Mooom."  For the record, the penguin shirt was a gift. I didn't buy it.

4th Grade

Work it! Work it! That is a seersucker blazer over his polo.

5 years old

That is an old school Christopher Reeves Superman muscle shirt we found at the farmer's market for a buck. He wore it until poor Chris's face peeled off. And it became a belly-baring muscle shirt.

6 years old

He is a very serious pirate. Who wears a cowboy belt. With scuba respirators in it. And a man's parka. Watch your back.

He is an entrepreneur:

Me: How was school today?
Jared: Good. I started a mustache design business.
Me: Interesting. So you'll design mustaches and sell them to people?
Jared: You're partially correct. There's no charge.
Me: How will your business make a profit?
Jared: Mom, that's not the point. I'm doing it for the greater good.

He is an optimist:

"Of course I can eat the full order of peanut butter chocolate chip french toast, Mooom . . . I'm starving!"

More to come!


  1. ha ha!! Boys are awesome, your's sounds like a ton of fun :)

    1. He is, Heidi! Fun and exhausting! Thanks for visiting!

  2. He would be a perfect match for my Bo's! I just posted a few days ago about her new fashion collection she designed and her new Taco Bell wardrobe, lol! I love his work! Very creative :)

    1. Thanks! I just checked out your post...I love her little drawings! And way to upcycle those Taco Bell bags! :)


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