Pyrexy is Sexy

Thursday, September 13, 2012

We had this set when I was a kid!
Visiting that huge antique show last weekend reignited a childhood love: vintage Pyrex dishes. You know, the ones your mother had with the cute flowers or patterns on the side. My mom certainly had her fair share. I never really thought about them much as a grownup. Sure, I'd see a set and go "I remember those!", but I lacked any further connection.

Well, this product of the 80s wants a kitchen full of them. Right. Now. Oh how I wish I had staked claim to my mother's and grandmother's old sets. I crave colorful, unique bakeware, bowls and utensils; some vintage Pyrex would fit right in. What if, say, a set of colorful Pyrex nesting bowls found its way into my house? I'd go "Williams and Sonoma who?" and throw my melamine set right out the window. Oh, Pyrex, my heart beats only for you. I'm sorry I ever let my love for you go astray.

I didn't spring for a set at the antique show because they definitely came with premium price tags. They are commonly found at thrift stores and yard sales, so I'm just going to have to be dedicated and keep my eyes out for them from now on. And the eyes of everyone who sends me birthday, Christmas, and Easter presents. I may start celebrating Hanukkah, Boxing Day, Kwanzaa and Yom Kippur if it will help in my mission.

In the meantime, I've arranged for a sexy Pyrex fashion show. Just try not to get hot and bothered.

This collection belongs to a Martha Stewart staffer. She requested vintage Pyrex in her wedding registry. What.
A little eye candy, anyone?
Oh yes they did. That is a living room decorated with Pyrex. Whoa Nelly.
The Mad Hatter Antique Mall in Allenstown, PA. I call road trip!
This Etsy seller had me at "I have 30-40."

I tend to be a nostalgic person. Perhaps it is the result of a roller coaster childhood, but I tend to gravitate toward things that bring back happy memories. Vintage Pyrex does that for me. I think of casseroles and Christmas dinners and family gatherings. That, and I like kitschy things. It may be as simple as that. But I doubt it. I like to think I am a more complex person than that. Otherwise I'd have a Hello Kitty bedroom and wear a Snork t-shirt to class every day.

So if you have some laying around your house that you don't use or want, I'll pay the shipping! And I will sing your praises! If you need to find me, I will be at our local Sally Arms.


  1. oohh, I love these! I've been seeing a lot of pyrex lately on Pinterest and fun! New follower from the Loves on a Thursday Blog Hop :)

  2. Thanks for visiting, Devon! I've been thinking about all the vintage Pyrex I have probably passed up over the years...and now I'm regretting it! It really is like art.

  3. I love seeing things from my childhood in antique markets always makes me wonder what my kids will get nostalgic over :) thanks for linking up!

  4. Hi Sarah! I'm so glad you commented on my blog as I was able to link back to you and discover this amazing treasure of a blog that you have here. Your photography is just beautiful and incredibly inspiring. And your writing is exquisite! If I weren't at work right now, I would spend all day browsing your site and commenting on everything, haha! I just added my email address so that I don't miss any future posts. Oh, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE pyrex. I only have three pieces so far (orangy mixing bowls very similar to your first pic at the top) but am constantly on the hunt for new (and affordable) pieces. So it's very wonderful to meet you!


    1. Thanks, Natalie! Your sweet, thoughtful comment will carry me through the week. I have not had many collections in my life, but I can't imagine giving up my Pyrex obsession. I hope to one day have a house with more room to display my treasures. I love giving them new life in my kitchen...we use them all the time. There are very few things I am willing to hand wash, and they are one of them. :) I look forward to seeing your collection grow as well!


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