Beadhead, Bubbly, and Changing Luck

Friday, December 21, 2012

The world hasn't ended, so it's safe to spend time posting about the minutia in my life. I guess it's time to start paying my bills again.

Since I've been a lazy little blogger, I'm catching you up to speed in nine pictures...thanks to the wonder that is Instagram. Little else can make my nonsense look so, well, vintage.

1. No more of this for 5 weeks. Five. Whole. Weeks. Except for that pesky independent study paper I agreed to write. I'm currently attempting to ignore it. 2. Mr. Vista woke up from a rather long nap with bedhead and a "What just happened to me?" expression. Welcome to my world, Little Man. 3. Cheers to a professor that celebrates the last day of class with bubbly. I hadn't eaten breakfast yet, so I had a respectable buzz going on. At 10a. Don't judge. 4. I'm not a huge fan of chain restaurants like Olive Garden, but I wouldn't kick their new Moscato Peach Chicken out of bed for eating crackers. 5. I won a giveaway! I never win anything. One time my email address accidentally got sent out as the  winner of a giveaway I was participating in and people thought I'd won for a hot minute. That's was as close as it got until now. Look at my cute little cozy from Luisa! It was tough to pick just one. She was so can check out her lovely creations here. Love. It. Is this a sign I should start buying lotto tickets?

1. A certain young man left his mark on my frosty car. It was quite darling, actually. Until the ice melts and I have a sticky jam-hand mark on my windshield. 2. Tomfoolery at the dollar store. By the way, how am I just discovering dollar stores? There's some good stuff there! 3. After Jared got out of the car I looked down and saw this. Only my kid. Peace. 4. Our dog apparently hasn't heard of the naughty list. He's on it. For. Sure.


  1. Oh no on the trash can incident. Our dog has knocked ours over before and I'm certain the cat helps her haha.

  2. Hi Sarah!!! thank you for featuring my cup cozy!!! :) I'm so happy you like it!! (I'm also your newest follower..)


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