High Five for Friday: The clouds have parted

Friday, February 1, 2013

You know those Fridays you think may never come? For me, today was one of them. This Friday closes the door on the rather bumpy week while ushering in a much-needed break. I'm looking forward to turning the page and starting next week with a new perspective. Not only that, today is also a brand spanking new month.

What I love about this link-up is that it forces me to look back, push past the not-so-great, and see the good that happened this week. Because despite feeling icky overall, there are always moments of greatness.

Hey! This guy looks vaguely familiar. Oh, right, it's Husband. And after today, he's ours for ten whole days. Mine all mine [throwing head back and laughing maniacally]. Thanks, Friday!

1. The weather has been crazy this week. Freezing cold, warm, snow, rain...New England has some serious weather confusion. Maybe Mother Nature needs to defrag her hard drive. I recently learned what that is, so I'm feeling very tech savvy. Anywho, Kiddo had ski lessons on what was perhaps the foggiest day I have ever experienced. It was eery but beautiful and he really enjoyed himself. I took a gazillion photos and experimented with all kinds of focuses and settings.  2. It has been so dark and dreary lately. In the midst of a very gloomy Thursday, the clouds parted. That brilliant blue shining through was like an oasis in a gray dessert. 3. Really, really good french fries can make everything better. Kiddo and I had a dinner date at a great local burger joint after ski lessons. Uninterrupted bonding time with Jared is one of life's greatest joys. He is the most interesting person I know.  4. My computer battery has never lasted more than 3 hours, even when brand new. It has only gone downhill from there over the last several years. About two weeks ago, the battery began dying after a mere 45 minutes, then an ominous red X started flashing over the battery icon with a "it might be time to replace your battery...your computer may shutdown unexpectedly" message. I ordered a beefy new battery (which was waiting on my front step when I got home Tuesday evening) and holy moly this bad boy is a life changer. After an hour and a half of working on it, it still had 90% of its juice. Those of you who have struggled with a lame laptop battery (especially fellow students), you know why I'm so darn excited.  5. I have fine, curly/wavy, finicky hair. On a good day, it acts like a 14 year old girl who just broke up with the 'love of her life'. On Thursday, I decided to pull it back. No fuss, no muss. I gave it a pep talk and it came back with "Okay, Sarah. Whatever you want. This is your hair day." I got complements all day. We are more 'friend' than 'frenemy' right now. Maybe my hair's extended puberty is finally over?! Probably not.

Happy Friday!


  1. Enjoy your 10 days with your hubby! :)

  2. That headband is so cute! Is it lace or does it just look like it?

  3. the weather has been crazy here! 70s and then 30s here in atlanta! glad the clouds have parted. i'm a no-repky due to nerve damage in my hand, so please visit my blog instead. happy weekend to us!

  4. wow, check out that battery life! school ruined mine and it dies in 30 mins now. i definitely need to get a new one.
    cute headband, by the way!


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