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Monday, February 25, 2013

I'd like to know where I can return Mondays.

This was a whirlwind kind of weekend where a lot happened, but I have little to show for it. So today, I will setting up camp, while Kiddo is actually at camp, and study until my brain is brimming with microbiology goodness.

New England has a funky school schedule. The public schools have the traditional Christmas/New Years break, but also week-long breaks in February ("Winter Break") and April ("Spring Break"). This is all very well and good, except that the college doesn't believe in such things.

So this week Jared is going to day camp at a local non-profit farm. It's a lovely place that he has been going to for years, and his days will be spent taking care of the llamas, sheep, and cows. As we drove up this morning, the countryside was a picture of white...snow fell yesterday but a lack of breeze left everything looking sprayed with marshmallow fluff. Then I realized I forgot my camera.

Actually, I'm a little sparse on photos overall thanks to my misbehaving Eye-fi, which didn't upload yesterday's photos. After my big exam tomorrow, I'll feel a little less guilty taking an hour to photograph the farm, so I'll have to do another this-and-that post later in the week.

Mario came home Friday night, over three hours later than expected, thanks to delayed flights. He flew out of Hartford, CT Saturday night, so despite threats of a snow storm, we all drove down to spend the day together before his departure. Hartford spent years building an amazing science center in the middle of downtown, and we finally got around to visiting. This place is incredible.

We had a really great time. I never get tired of watching Jared learn. The open-mouthed, totally engrossed stare a kiddo gets when they are taking something in is pretty cool. Afterward, he scored a lava lamp from the gift shop. Every kid should have a lava lamp at some point. That is one of the photos lost in the vortex between my camera and my computer.

In related news: I, too, have a new lamp. Earth-shattering news, I know. 
P.S. My bedside table is only this clean when I'm photographing it.

After the science museum we headed over to an amazing sushi place called Feng. Mario only had an hour before he needed to head to the airport, so time was of the essence. Tell that to a picky eater with a 5-page menu in front of him. Thank goodness for our waitress. She recommended some items that weren't on the menu and even got him to try 3 new dipping sauces. Seriously a miracle worker, that one. In case you were wondering, on a scale of one to ten, eel sauce is apparently a ten. Every time Jared discovers a new food he likes, angels sing and Mario and I weep tears of joy.

The lighting was all red, all the time, so my photos are a little psychedelic. Also, does anyone else love the crazy look of a Spider Roll?

Mario took off and Jared and I stayed until he was finished eating. Twenty hours at home is simply not enough. This was a tough one. 

The weather was holding out, so Kiddo and I stopped at Whole Foods on the way home to pick up some things and snag some dairy-free dessert. Then he played navigator after I took not one, but two, wrong turns. I've only taken this route home about 100 times. I blame a worn-out mind. 

Sunday was a chill day. I watched two episodes of Downton Abbey (one episode left of the first season...I'm expecting something exciting). We ate way too many Pumpkin Spice muffins, Jared played in the snow, and the house got tidied. That's good enough for me. 

 I did zero studying, nor did I get ahead on blog posts, in favor of hanging out. I'm paying for that today, as my nose will not be leaving my book once this post is finished. A smarter person might have forgone this post all together.

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!

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  1. Aren't Mondays the worst, I would like to return them as well. ;)

  2. Ooh, how I wish we had new england school breaks too! The camp sound like so much fun, what kid doesn't like llamas? I think you accomplished plenty this weekend....boo for books!

  3. Looks like another fun filled weekend! Spider rolls freak me out a bit. It reminds me of some Asian rite of passage I saw on TV where they eat a whole squid LIVE and if it doesn't go down fast enough it suctions to your throat and you die. So that's why they freak me out. Happy Monday!

  4. Okay. LOVE science museums and sushi. Looks like a fabulous weekend to me!

  5. You needed NOT to study, I say!!! Fun weekend! Love the lamp!

  6. I'm SO glad that you didn't forgo this post ... I love your adventures. Now I'm adding Hartford's science center to my list!

  7. Super cute blog! I found you through Mingle Monday! Those muffins look to die for! I used to live in NYC and miss New England's weather this time of year. Hope you have a great day!

  8. hehe love the first line. Looks like a great weekend all together!

    1. Thanks Kimberlee! Weekends are so welcome these days...and I love being able to just hang out together.

  9. your photo's are stunning. love all the different angles.

    stopping by from made in a day blog hop! come stop by my blog... http://www.bearandlionmama.com/

  10. What a great weekend! Looks like you guys had so much fun. Lots of quality family time :)

    Sorry I'm so late on commenting. Thanks for linking up for Monday Morning Gossip!!


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