The deep roots never doubt spring will come.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Marty Rubin

After a week-long business trip, Mario walked through the door on Friday night with gifts in hand. 
Kiddo got The Hobbit on DVD. 
Me, well, I have a bit of eye candy in the form of a beautiful spring bouquet. 
I'm not normally a flower arrangement kinda gal, but he picked well. 
The bright colors and earthy scents greet me every morning when I walk into the kitchen. 

Spring is a renewing season for me. 
I'm not sure I have ever really put my finger on why before. 
My mood brightens, I crave gym sessions (whaaat?!), and my optimism soars. 
This spring is an especially important one for me, and I look forward to this impending shift in mindset. 

I shouldn't have to wait for warmer temperatures to release me from my glum-filled cocoon. 
But there has been a sense of waiting for my life to progress over the last few years, 
and spring reminds me that I haven't stalled after all. 
Semesters end, snow melts, and brighter horizons take over. 

I can't wait.


  1. Love the swirls in that first shot of the rose. And I'm with you....spring is always a rebirth for me. And awakening of my senses AND motivation.

  2. What gorgeous flowers! What an awesome hubby for bringing them! Spring is a time to burst with renewed excitement and energy! Especially when school is involved!


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