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Monday, April 1, 2013

Author Unknown

Howdy! Did you have a good Easter weekend?

Despite all around exhaustion on Saturday, we took a family drive. We listened to Mockingjay on audiobook, thrifted, and ate samples stocked up at Costco. Kiddo found a few Star Trek books he's been wanting, and I scored a set of 3 little Pyrex dishes in mint condition.

I have no idea what I am going to use them for, but perhaps they will give me a reason to learn how to make crème brûlée.

Mario found a Mexican restaurant with rave Yelp reviews, so we ventured there for dinner. Our waiter was a bit flakey, but the food was great. Jared said it was the best salsa he'd ever tasted ... and that's saying something. We had a really good time.

Sixteen tries and not one normal photo. Boys.

Unfortunately our furry little soulmate, Vista, developed a urinary blockage early last week and spent three days and two nights at the animal hospital. After a sleepless Friday night, we had him back at the vet early Saturday morning to be readmitted. All weekend we felt his absence. Fingers crossed he heals up and can come home in the next day or two. And that this week doesn't bring another $1000 in vet bills. Poor little guy.

Needless to say, we looked forward to sleeping in on Sunday morning. I heard Mario waking up next to me, and as I opened my eyes, "It's Easter morning!" hit my brain and my mouth simultaneously. We totally forgot and so did Kiddo. We ran around locating the baskets and getting the goodies ready. Jared didn't wake up until 11a, so could have lounged a little longer. Did I mention we were exhausted?

While I waited for him to stir, I finished the last two episodes of Downton Abbey's second season. Good stuff.

In the end it was a lovely day. One spend lounging with my boys, relishing our little family, and enjoying good food. 

My first foray into Crock Pot ribs was a success!  

I also introduced Mario to the wonder that is Duck Dynasty and he was immediately hooked. I'm not sure he would have gone to bed without my prompting, but a promise to DVR the rest of the marathon convinced him to part ways ... for the night.

As tends to happen on Monday, reality came crashing down this morning. I have a paper due today that I am just starting, and I spent the morning putting together an academic poster. I have never made one before, and after hours compiling it, my computer ate it. Thank goodness Mario tracked it down in that folder where all lost documents go. But not before tears welled up. In public. 

Starbucks has been my constant companion today. I may smell like coffee the rest of the week.


  1. Are you a Yelper? I am an Elite in St. Louis and I love Yelp!!

    Stopping by from Mingle Monday :)

  2. ugh and the homework begins again.

  3. Isn't it the worst when your holding back the tears!!ugh I feel for ya.

  4. Oh my, a wonderful Easter Basket - I don't make them for my sons anymore but I love getting them jelly beans.

  5. That's the second time I've heard of Duck Dynasty today ... I've got to check this out.

    Those boy picks look pretty normal to me, girl. What more can we expect from these guys?! I know my little guy is always doing something crazy!

    Happy Easter! xo


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