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Saturday, July 20, 2013

 and returns home to find it.

George Augustus Moore

I intended to blog more during this trip. Every day almost. Several times a day I think I have to write about this! Unfortunately, rural Montana is not known for its internet service. As in, good luck getting it or cell reception. And because we've been busy enjoying family, friends and country life, I haven't been able to frequent WiFi-enabled establishments long enough to write an actual post. 

So although it has been a bit quiet around these here parts, I have loads to share. The scenery... the food. Love.

Shall we start with a double rainbow? Oh my god!

One place that is a must-visit for me is Dave's Sushi. Amazing. Original. I can't get enough. We decided to eat there for lunch and had a lovely meal dining on the patio. The day was beautiful and the food didn't disappoint.

The Roost has quickly become a new favorite. It is hands-down the best fried chicken I've ever had in my life. Judging by the guttural noises Mario made while eating it, I'm guessing this meal was life-changing for him. Kiddo love it, too. That's saying something.

While on the hunt for a sweet treat, we stumbled upon this amazing goodie shop called La Chatelaine. They create each little piece of edible art by hand. We struck up a conversation with the lady working that day (aka the nicest person in the whole world) and enjoyed what may have been the best ice cream. Ever. I mustered up the courage to ask if I could shoot some quick pics for my blog and was met with a yes, of course. I could have spent the day in this wonderful place.

Mario and I have had several discussions about moving back to Bozeman over the last couple weeks. Every family member also has an opinion on the matter. I love the town, but can't finish my education in the area.  Establishing a rewarding career is important, and I don't want to lose momentum, but it means spending a few more years away from family. My sister-in-law joined me this last week for a exploratory road trip to Pocatello, Idaho. It is definitely not the town for us, and I felt bad eliminating a prospective school, but I feel hopeful we will find a place we love that also has a grad school for me. Once I get established in a career, Bozeman will likely be in our future.

There is something about it that is unlike any other place I've ever been.


  1. Wow! That double rainbow is fabulous, the joy of the countryside! I feel like I am always peeking around trees and rooftops to find the rainbow... Oh and I am now rather hungry, thanks... Lol!

  2. Oh that food....yes please!!!

  3. Oh my word, I want to go on trips with you! Looks like you know the best places to eat! :-)

  4. Holy Wow that is some good looking sushi. Yea, out of all that, I got stuck on the sushi. Have fun gal, you have worked your butt off and deserve some unplugged fun/food/loving time.


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