A tetanus shot and two trips to McDonald's.

Thursday, September 26, 2013



Today Jenni's Blogtember prompt is "a post written from a coffee shop". It just so happens I am in one as we speak. Drinking a maple latte. Trying to figure out how to navigate the A button on my keyboard.


You see, last night was a busy one. Kiddo had dodgeball and, post playtime, took an excruciatingly long shower. Seriously, dude? His marathon shower sessions are time I will never get back. Oy. Anywho, post-shower his dogeball instructor invited him to climb the rock wall a couple times. Needless to say, we were late getting home.


I was throwing together some leftover spaghetti and meatballs for Kiddo's dinner and, in the process of trying to shake the remaining sauce from the jar, tapped it on the bowl. The jar neck shattered in my hand and I instantly knew I was in for it. You know those moments when you cut yourself and don't want to look? That was me. If you don't look it won't be that bad, right? Well, this particular nick wasn't going to be remedied by a Spongebob Band-Aid. And thus our emergency room adventure was born.


On the way to the ER I stopped at McDonald's to feed Kiddo... at this point it was way past his dinner time. We haven't been to a fast food joint in about a year, so I thought he'd be thrilled. I was informed that he was on a hunger strike until my finger was no longer gaping. A Batman toy currently offered in the Happy Meal changed his mind and a meager 4 nuggets were consumed. But not a morsel more, said he.


After a rather lengthy wait, the doctor came in, leaned against the sink and said, "How would you like me to treat it? It's up to you." Really? If that's the way it works, I'm going to call myself doctor and set up shop in an RV behind Starbucks. I decided to have it glued shut, as opposed to stitches which would need to be removed by a professional in a week's time. And by professional I mean my husband and a pair of nail clippers.



I was wrapped up and sent on my way. It was late and we were tired and hungry. So we stopped by the same McDonald's on our way home. Before you judge, know that we live in a rural area and it was the only establishment serving food between the hospital and our home at that hour. Jared's hunger strike had come to a close. Apparently the Batman toy was a bust, and he now had his eye on the witch toy from The Wizard of Oz. "Just tell them I'm a girl this time".



As luck would have it, he got his witch. "This really is a happy meal, Mom."


I had just finished the chapter on gratitude in The Happiness Project earlier that afternoon. While I don't think a gratitude journal is in my future, I have resolved to 1. look at the bright side, and 2. act the way I want to feel. Last night's incident is the perfect opportunity to practice seeing the silver lining.


Here goes:



1. I am grateful I grabbed a red towel to stop the bleeding. It's the only red one we own, so the odds were pretty low. The idea of having blood stained linens around the house is generally frowned upon, especially in the kitchen, so I won't have to throw it away. No need to budget for a replacement.


2. I scored a tetanus shot; my first in over 10 years. I was more concerned about getting Lockjaw than reattaching my finger anyway. As a parting well wish, the doctor proclaimed I would also be safe from Whooping Cough. I felt so much better, as you can imagine. I hadn't anticipated catching that from a finger laceration.


3. Scars are a rite of passage. They make one appear rugged and worldly. After a childhood spent on a cattle ranch, my husband has many scars to show for it. (Which is part of what makes him so ruggedly handsome, in my opinion. The ability to grow facial and chest hair is a close second.) I have one on my chin from a pool accident at the age of 6. (The first and last time I needed stitches.) It's a very white collar injury, seeing as we were in a community pool paid for by housing association fees. Needless to say, it has never felt very legit. Now I can make it to round 2 of the I'll show you my battle scars if you show me yours game.



4. My final note of gratitude comes courtesy of Kiddo. "Look on the bright side, Mom. For the next few days you will look all fancy with your pinky in the air." You may call me Kate for the duration, if you please.





  1. Sounds like quite a night. I haven't tried this my self, but for furture reference if you ever get blood on something you can pour peroxide on it, and it takes the red out, it breaks down the hemaglobin.

  2. Oh my goodness! What a crazy night! But your kiddo is right... You do look pretty fancy! ; )


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