Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What! You too? I thought I was the only one."

Friday, September 6, 2013

C.S. Lewis

Writing a Friday post when Friday is wrapping up is lame. I know. But if ever there was an excuse to be a naughty blogger, today was it. The day began with a Starbucks pow wow with an amazing lady who educates our son. We love her. 

After that, we crossed the street and met with a group of fellow charter school moms (plus Mario). We love them, too. I'm so sad we didn't meet them years ago because they simply make life better. They get together after drop off once a week... a couple of hours with them makes my heart sing.

Finally, I met up with one of my research buddies, Jarett, for lunch. It takes everything I have not to pinch his cheeks every two minutes. We haven't seen each other since we wrapped up our prospective research projects in late June. Before we knew it, over two hours had flown by. 

I picked up Kiddo and headed for an impromptu but long overdue haircut. I'm referring to my hair, not his. I've been braiding my hair a lot lately, now that it has reached the perfect length, but noticed that the little nub below the ponytail holder looks a bit, well, frazzled. I ran in, added an inch of my locks to the floor, and was out the door in just a few short minutes while my lovely young man waited patiently.

Today was good. It felt full. Full of friendly faces and personal connections. I felt busy in only the best of ways.

Tonight brings a Castle marathon (our DVR collected 40 episodes... when did that happen?), queso dip I saw on last week's episode of Pioneer Woman, and lots of boy time. All spent in elastic waist pants. Mario is leaving on Monday for a business trip and will resume his usual busy travel schedule. I'm determined to soak up every uninterrupted second left with that hunk of burning love.

Here are a few things I'm celebrating:

1// I. love. this. car. It has made driving fun again. This is the last time I'll mention it. Promise.  2// One thing I have always admired about my college is the attention paid to the landscaping. Beautiful flowers abound (thanks to the craaaazy high student fees, I'm sure). I was feeling a little glum after being stood up for a meeting, and walked past this flower garden. They won't be around much longer, so I had to stop and appreciate the beautiful colors. 3// I didn't mean to go on some sort of beauty bonanza. Really. But some blotchiness called for complexion correction. Raging eye allergies require the frequent replacement of mascara. A grouchy scalp caused me to seek out a new dry shampoo. I read about a tinted brow gel in a magazine. If Martha Stewart says it's good, it probably is. So I've picked up some new products which brings out the little girl in me. I'll let you know whether they are life changing, duds, or something in between. 4// In the throes of car shopping misery, this bad boy showed up. Nothing like a grape slush to calm the nerves. 5// I ordered a couple infinity scarves from an Etsy shop and they arrived on Wednesday. I couldn't love them more! The one pictured is a whimsical mustache print and the other is gray and white chevron. I was in need of a little boost and these were perfect (and oh so inexpensive).

I see comfort food, apple picking, and perhaps some Pyrex hunting this weekend. Wherever the wind takes us...

How about you?


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