Seattle is for people who love culture,

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

but refuse to sacrifice their wild nature to attain it.

Kimberly Kinrade

I love Seattle. The vibe, the culture... all of it. The jury is still out regarding the idea of actually living there. I can easily conjure images of a funky industrial downtown loft, walking to work with a latte in hand, and fresh fish and vegetable dinners courtesy of Pike Place Market. Mario and I are in total agreement when it comes to being city dwellers: do it authentically. Live in the thick of it. Soak up the essence of the city. Perhaps post-kiddo?

The day before we had to pick Jared up from camp this summer, we made our way from Portland to northern 
Washington. We didn't have an abundance of time, so we chose one place to visit: downtown Seattle. We toured the famous market, watched fish fly in front of a cheering crowd, checked out Patagonia's fall line, and picked up an MRE for Kiddo at an Army Navy store (meals ready to eat... military rations in plain terms). He loves the idea of them more than he does actually eating one; but it brings him great joy, which brings me great joy.

Along with Chicago and NYC, I think it's safe to say Seattle has made the bucket list.

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  1. I may be going to Seattle in March and I'm a tad excited haha.


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