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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Today I took a step back. From as many pressures and obligations as possible (self imposed or not). My house has been a stranger this week and therefore some neglect has occurred. This and that got overlooked. Bedtimes took a hit. I felt a bit disconnected from life. Frazzled and rushed were common conditions. I said no to a weekly social thing I like in favor of a taste of home life. A little solitude. While social interactions are crucial, alone time is equally important. I dropped Kiddo off at school, turned the car around, and made the trek back home. I paid a couple bills online (which is no longer stressful), passively watched the news, turned my calendar to October, and had a second cup of joe. All from the comfort of an otherwise empty home.

By the time my noon CrossFit session rolled around, I left the house feeling good. Grounded. Productive. I didn't do a lot, but I did enough. Because of my unfortunate mishap last week, I had to miss two of my usual thrice weekly classes. I have no intention of forfeiting them, which means four days in a row this week to make up for it. My body is tired, oh so tired. So is my mind. Which made shutting out the world for a bit, even if it meant a couple extra commutes home, incredibly important.

Mario is making room in his schedule to be home more later this fall. It means packing a lot more into October, but come November it will have been worth it. He, too, is starting CrossFit, after months of cajoling. Next week he will do his intro session, then we are going to do a private class together. If all goes according to plan, he can attend the Foundations course in November and we can begin working out together. It will be such a cool way to connect... and I foresee Mario warming up to this kind of workout. (You can read my thoughts on CrossFit, as a non-athlete, here.) I see a Friday morning class followed by a lunch date. It's all part of the plan to slow down and find my center point.

After sitting at my computer contemplating a post and potential topics, I decided not to push it. To force what wasn't there. Some days blogging is rather stream of consciousness, which can bring about great personal insight. 

Until tomorrow, my friends.

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  1. you have no idea how much I needed this today. thanks sweet friend!


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