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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Jack London

As happens on occasion, I find myself in a bit of a blogging lull. Words feel forced and topics evade me. I really wanted to share the photos I took over the weekend, as it had been a while, but the words seemed inauthentic. I put my computer down several times and came back to it, yet it still lacked flow. Perhaps it didn't seem that way to those who read it, but I could sense it.

I enjoy blogging immensely. I've also written about the pressure I place on myself to produce. To post regularly and with ease. Over the past few weeks my pageviews have been up and I haven't been able to put my finger on why. (But it makes me feel good!). What I do know is that I let it influence my thoughts regarding this tiny corner of the interweb. They've since decreased a bit, and that's just fine with me. I want to reach people, sure, but at what cost? I found myself trying replicate whatever magic trick I performed, but have come to realize that it isn't something I can replicate. I can simply keep writing, pinning, and instagramming when the mood strikes... allowing the universe to do with it as it pleases. The reach of my blog is not completely out of my control, lest it seem that is my take on the issue. Posting regular, authentic content is important. Posting every single day or concerning myself with the appeal of the masses is not. I'm going to stop feeling the push to write when I don't want to. Forcing fingers to keyboard is anything but organic. Bottom line: I'll keep doing what I'm doing when the mood strikes. And only then. If my pageviews take a hit, well, what can I say? (I'll feel a little bummed, of course. I'm not a robot. As far as I know.) If I feel the need to talk about CrossFit or budgeting or my cat two days in a row, so be it. Clearly it's on my mind and therefore belongs on these pages. Blogging is a very cyclical beast that ebbs and flows. Fighting its nature is futile.

This does not mean I plan to take a passive approach to blogging. I can't sit around and expect to be inspired. Writer's block requires a certain amount of push back, after all. It's important to write about something meaningful, and I will forever explore what makes me me and therefore this blog what it is. For instance, I've been throwing around the idea of writing an about me post. In the 18 or so months I've been blogging, I've taken a rather roundabout way of telling readers who I am; without really telling you who I am, fundamentally. Some of my life is, well, my personal life and should lack detail when being written about. However, blogging, for me, is fluid. I have evolved as a blogger, and part of that involves delving into new, unexplored areas. A good blogger, in my opinion, is vulnerable, honest, and real. One must relate to a blogger in one way or another in order to connect on a level that carries any sort of importance. That means I need to challenge myself and my relationship with this blog. I intend to do just that.

When I get in this head space, what often brings me back to into the right frame of mind is a what's been happening lately post. Unplanned and uncomplicated... happily so. So here is a glimpse at life as of late:

Oh New England fall, how I love thee. If I was to make a pro-con list of living in this area, the cons would far outweigh the pros (hence our impending move). However, the picture book fall season has captured my heart. I stop and photograph every tree and sidewalk that catches my eye. I'm so glad I abandoned the idea (and cost) of a parking pass, instead opting to walk the few blogs to the college. This colorful month is fleeting, and I want to take in every moment. This is one of the few things I will miss once we move on... and it's a big one.

// Last winter we invested in Hue, a lighting system that can simulate sunrise, sunset, and a variety of other color schemes. It was worth the money, as it has helped Kiddo get up on those dark and gloomy mornings that will become more and more frequent. I didn't realize you can create your own "scene", but upon accessing the app to turn down the lights, I discovered that Jared had made one based on our cat. The colors were actually quite lovely, and we read Life of Pi by the light of Vista's pink little ear. Weird and hilarious. // With fall comes fall drinks. I'm not a fan of the Pumpkin Spice Latte (blasphemy, I know), but our local coffee shop has great alternatives. I love seeing the signs, so artistically drawn, as I walk in the door. // Speaking of coffee, there has been way too much of it in my life and I need to cut back. It helps me get the juices flowing in preparation for a tough CrossFit session and keeps me awake during my twice weekly two hour class. Still, the mantra everything in moderation has not been applied. // Mr. Vista has a long history of urinary tract problems. Blockages and infections are always a possibility (and could be life-threatening). Late last week he spent a night in the animal hospital while we figured out what was going on with him. The culture indicated there is no infection, but he required several days of anti-inflammatory medication. As a family, we have never felt for an animal the way we do him. He really is like a furry little human. I'm so glad he's okay. // I got in my car to find that Kiddo had brightened up my dash. He sure knows how to make a girl feel loved. // We passed by a fun antique store while out for a drive last Saturday and I came across a Pyrex-filled booth. Holy moly. There were patterns I'd yet to discover. My budget said no but the 50% off sign said yes. I walked away, but may be back. (Can I get a pat on the back for that tremendous display of self control?) //

I had a breakthrough in CrossFit today. I did one of the modified versions of the WOD, as I'm not quite up to that many rounds of TTBs (toes to bar... you hang from the bar and bring your toes up to touch it above your head). Nor can I (safely) deadlift 185 pounds. I was tired and out of breath, but realized I could have done another round of each set. I feel a determination that wasn't there before. I'm seeing a real difference (mentally and physically) and it's awesome. // Mario had his introductory private session on Monday (hence the sweat-soaked head and shirt). He definitely stepped out of his comfort zone, and is feeling the effects today, but he's looking forward to coming back for more. That dude never ceases to amaze me.

That handsome devil I spoke about just moments before? I had the pleasure of an impromptu lunch date with him today. The weather was perfection so we sat outside and enjoyed each others company.


  1. Oh those leaves are amazing!

  2. Def Love your pictures. I being a new blogger can relate the writers block. I have been doing blog challenges that give out ideas of what to write about but now its over and I am struggling to find new things to talk about without really going to deep detail of my actual life. I have to find away of writing that relates to the readers and not just myself.

    I am enjoying your blog!


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