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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

This lighthearted glimpse into life lately through the eyes of my Instagram feed was intended for yesterday. Then I veered off in a whole other direction. It got deep, yo. Not today. There is a sweater-clad feline, a kid with turtle hands, and a man in hot water. Boy do I love Instagram. Now if only I could filter all of life's moments...

Shall we start with this dude? He puts up with my obsessions and emotional hangups and overall persnickety-ness. He hugs me when I need it (even if I don't know I need it) and (mostly) knows when to give me space. He introduces me to the Five Guys hot dog. With pickles, of course. Speaking of pickles, this stud can stew in the hot tub for hours. I'd pass out. He's a professional. 

This weekend he resumes his usual travel schedule. Having him home has been tremendous. We've been able to explore our relationship, experience a life where he's home for dinner almost every night, and overall feel normal. Whatever that is. As much as I'll miss his face, Kiddo and I have a rhythm when he's gone. I'm happy to let it go so I can soak up his manliness, but if I'm honest, I need a regular bedtime. Especially during finals. I want to stay up and watch crime dramas with him... at the expense of a reasonable bedtime. I've been running on fumes the last couple days and, if I'm honest (again), look forward to regaining that rhythm. With a husband that travels as much as he does, as long as he has, we have never really established a routine when he's home.

After my class is wrapped up and his year-end meetings come to a close, we can look forward to Christmas vacation. I can watch Breaking Bad with abandon and stop worrying about sleep like an old lady.

Every once in a while babes are everywhere and I start thinking about my status as the mother of an only child. Having had my son in my early twenties, I'm ready for life to be more about me. To worry less about childcare and homework. To gain the freedom to live on my own terms. But I have moments where I wonder if I'll regret not having another child. Baby Ben visited our house for Thanksgiving and a friend is fostering kittens. Bebes! Sweet bebes! In the end I'm going with my gut, which says I'm following the right path. But boy do I have doubts some days. Then I hear a child having a total and complete meltdown at Target and feel at peace with my decision.

My main man right here. For Thanksgiving he whipped up a duct tape bowtie and coasters for the whole table. A tie and a bowtie? Fancy pants. Did I mention he is currently in the throes of a bonafide Dr. Who obsession? When he gets infatuated with something, he becomes a walking encyclopedia on the subject. This is no exception.

Kiddo and I went to our first Farm Fest at Stonewall Farm, a nonprofit community farm. Local vendors and farmers sold their wares. We visited and fed the lovely animals. Such a fun night with a boy I can't get enough of. 

My furry boyfriend, Vista, has been a naughty little kitty lately. We put up the tree on Sunday night, and after being thrown out of our room at 4a because of his shenanigans, proceeded to remove a bell ornament and play soccer on the wood floors with it until we got up yet again to take it away. I swear he was a human in a past life. If I'm honest, we may be partially to blame for his temperament. Worried that he'd be cold wearing only Ugg boots, I bought him a sweater. See the stink-eye I got after putting it on him? Then there was the time Kiddo put glasses on him while I took pictures. (Note Kiddo's Ninja Turtle-looking fingers in the photo. This led to wild googling and the realization that the Ninja Turtles were Trachemys scripta elegans, the Red-eared slider turtle. He doesn't have Ninja Turtle fingers, is my point. I think.)

I've blogged two days in a row thanks to my saving grace: coffee. I really am trying to cut back, but as told above, I'm tired. I'm trying to write through my writer's block, which always seems to help.

Would you believe I bought two papers and spent eleven bones but didn't find even one article pertaining to biochemistry? Whaaat? I guess I'll have to look for extra credit material elsewhere. Still, I love reading the Sunday paper. There's a great ritual to it. 

I'm obsessed with leg warmers and long comfy socks. This was the day after Thanksgiving. We had just finished at CrossFit and it was cold and rainy. I wore my Bogs and the softest socks my toesies have ever experienced. I'm going back for more. One pair is simply not enough. Oh, and these legwarmers are on their way. I love throwing them on over my workout pants before I brave the cold. 

Nose back to the grindstone, my friends. It may be a little quiet again over the coming week, but I look forward to more free time once I get through finals. I have Christmas ornaments to make, baking to do, and of course, more CrossFit. I have a goal up on the board... I want to be able to do a strict pullup by the end of the month. I'm also going to aim for 4-5 workouts a week after next week. 

Happy day!

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