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Sunday, December 22, 2013

 Lemony Snicket

Today is a lovely, foggy day. And although the fog is stealing away our Christmas snow, it is lovely nonetheless.

Earlier in the week I spoke of my excitement over the upcoming holiday. I was a little late in regard to my Christmas spirit, but I've been trying to make up for lost time. This week, despite being my first post-semester, felt a little rushed. There were ornaments to quickly finish, goodies to make for various school functions, Kiddo's holiday concert, CrossFit sessions, a few more gifts to buy... It was hectic, but not in the way it was during finals. Thank goodness. Mario and I had a cupcake frosting/gift packaging party Thursday night in order to get it all done. It was a late night, but we hit the pillow knowing all those loose ends were tied up. That man and I can sure rally when the need strikes.

Still, I felt stretched a little thin. Until today. Oh yes, today is my first obligation-free day. We are staying at home. There is cookie dough, french toast coffee cake, and coffee-rubbed bacon in the fridge awaiting their turn in the oven. Oh, and homemade mint chocolate chip marshmallows. On occasion I'll select a cookbook from the shelf and wind up trying several recipes. This would be such an occasion and the cookbook is Joy the Baker. I'm pretty smitten with her. 

Last night I resolved to wake up early and enjoy the quiet before the boys rise. Sure enough, my internal alarm clock had me up by 7a. I stood in the snow, barefoot, and photographed the fog. I savored my cup of joe. (Uh, how have I not tried the Starbucks caramel coffee K-cups before? Good stuff.)

Yesterday Mario took Jared to a ski swap and ran some errands with him. Meanwhile, I wrapped with abandon and watched as many episodes of Orange is the New Black as I could fit in. I was unsure what I thought of it at first, but now I'm hooked. I have a feeling season 2 can't come soon enough.

Kiddo is done with school and officially on break. So am I, actually. We've been baking and bonding. I'm pretty fond of that dude. The holiday show at his school was sweet and, I realized midway through it, probably his last. (Most high schools don't have holiday programs, I think.) It's rather bittersweet. It's one of those moments when I realize time is too quickly passing where Jared is concerned. While I often find school programs to be a bit tedious, I enjoy the ritual of going. The music teacher at the charter school is pretty great in terms of song selection... they did a fantastic rendition of "Seasons of Love" from Rent. Because they are a small school lacking a gymnasium, concerts are held at the sleepy old church in the town square. It's all rather charming and idealistic.

Well, that's that.


  1. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas sweet friend!

  2. Sounds wonderful - and I just love how the dotted wrapping paper turned out. Enjoy this time as it most definitely won't come again. Each time I grumble to myself about having to pack a lunch, or run something somewhere because my son has forgotten - I am quick to remember, this will be over too soon and in no time I will miss "having to ..." no matter how tedious.

    Have a wonderful holiday with your fellas.


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