In Boston they ask, how much does he know?

Monday, January 27, 2014

In New York, how much is he worth? 
In Philadelphia, who were his parents?

Mark Twain 

I've been talking about big cities a lot lately. Thinking about them, too. I'm not a country girl, you see, and therefore find myself to be a restless soul in small town America. For the past few years I've felt like an island... separate from the world around me. That's why, on a particularly restless weekend, I often gravitate toward the city. For us, "The City" is Boston at just 90 or so minutes from home. I wanted to stretch the legs of my new camera lens, so we headed out. A change of scenery was long overdue and an unexpected snow storm was not going to deter us. It turned out to be a lovely evening. 
(On a side note, that lens is bonkers. Although daylight had long since disappeared, it let in so much light. All the more reason to learn how to do it justice.)

I remember our first visit quite clearly. We came up to explore the area just a few weeks before leaving St. Louis. New England was the last uncharted territory in my world. I'd never been there and it was love at first sight. We had a late dinner at The Black Rose, a restaurant for which I will always have a soft spot. The history, culture, and nautical vibe... Boston will forever be a home away from home. The moment we set foot there, it was added to the list of cities we may one day settle down. That hasn't changed in the last 6+ years.

Here's to you, Beantown. I'll miss your face. 

The Custom House Tower. My favorite building in Boston.

Owning a condo in this waterfront building is a pipe dream.

Another favorite spot is this steaming teakettle above a quaint little Starbucks.


  1. I'm not a small town girl either, growing up in Vegas made me very appreciative of big cities and all they had to offer. I feel suffocated in small towns.

  2. I've been reading your blog for a while now. Love your style....feel like you give us a piece of your headspace every time you make a post.
    So.....I keep reading about your family maybe moving? I've been trying to read between the lines because you haven't really told us yet that you are moving or where you're going to.....have you? Did I miss it? Will it be a big city move? Maybe I'm just wanting you to change zip codes because I get the vibe you're not happy where you I off base??? Curious minds......

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment! I wrote about our move last August (, but have only talked about it passively ever since. Thanks for reminding me to link back to old posts! :) We moved to NH over 6 years ago for my husband's career. He has since moved up in the company and can work from anywhere. This area has never felt like home and staying would mean putting a lot of things on hold. We are also eager to be closer to our families in the western U.S.

  3. Beautiful photos. Funny....Boston reminds me so much of my nearest city, Philly. The historic buildings are so similar...the waterfront....but the pretzels are what convinced me this time!

  4. Sarah, those evening/night time pictures are amazing!!!! Please tell me how you took those: lens, settings, etc. Anytime I try to capture light that way, my images fall flat. Please, your secret?


  5. beautiful night-time shots, you've really mastered the art of night photography :) I hear you on being a city person, I am too, and when I lived in a small town it was tough,


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