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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Gosh. I'm a little worn out. I've been telling myself it is likely a symptom of my increased number of CrossFit sessions, which has included a lot of serious weight lifting. Oh, and that elimination diet I'm working. And a lack of daytime structure. And the little stomach bug I've been fighting off the last couple days. And, and, and. That heavy-limbed and foggy-brained kind of tired. The I only want to wear sweatpants kind of tired. The remedy on this particular afternoon? A trip to the coffee shop to blog. Because let's face it: laying around watching television all day begins to become a syndrome in and of itself. Be warned; this post is a bit stream of consciousness.

I've been in a show rut. Kiddo and I used to watch half an episode of Once Upon a Time before bed, but he's lost interest. Probably because the story line has become a bit tired. I'm pretty sure Revenge jumped the shark a couple weeks ago. And honestly, I cringe my way through The Real Housewives anymore. I once found their absurd behavior to be some sort of ridiculous but entertaining social experiment, but now I'm just embarrassed for them. I get genuinely uncomfortable. I'm not sure what happened there, but I find myself walking away from an episode a half dozen times. I have many rotting away on my DVR ready to be thrown out.

I finally got around to downloading my Amazon Prime account onto the Wii because let's be honest, Netflix is great only if you do not have something specific you are looking for. For example, I was in the mood for the Little Mermaid the other day and it is one of the few Disney movies it doesn't have. The one thing I want is never there. Ever. But I digress. 

I was looking for something new. Edgy. Something that had been around a while so I could spend some time catching up. I want to be in it for the long haul. I was seconds away from Sons of Anarchy when I passed by Parenthood. I've heard of it. I've never watched it. But something said I should. So I did. And did. And did. Now on Season 3 in just a week, I'm a bonafide Parenthood fan. I'm eating that show up with a spoon. It's a departure for me, I think. Though I did love Gilmore Girls and by association must love anything with Lauren Graham in it. Or so I think must be true. Golly is it good. I've quickly become invested in the characters. And so many times I've thought I do that, too! or I think that, too!. And boy do I find myself wishing I had that family. Wishing that Kiddo had play dates with his cousins and sleepovers at his grandparent's house. That I had sibling relationships. There is drama with family, yes, but the love. Oh, the familial love. I think I may be living vicariously through the characters.

Last week Mario was compiling a music list for a work conference. Music for the breaks and in-between moments. This led to me giving my two fifteen cents on the matter. Because music is an opinionated thing. The first year we dated, Mario and I did the long distance thing. The two hour drive between us called for mixed CDs, which he burned for me often. I'm on a mission to find the first one. I know I kept it, but where? It had Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car" and so many other favorites. It really was the best mixed CD ever burned. Van Morrison was also in attendance. Which eventually became our wedding song. (Along with Wyclef's "Take Me As I Am". It became ours, too, along the way.) Anyway, the quest for good, soulful music to share brought me back to that song. Our song. Van the Man has been at a lot of weddings, but "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You" is lesser known and from his hard-to-find 1989 album Avalon Sunset. Which led me to believe that I must have a copy and it must be in LP format. Which means I need to buy a record player. I love the crackling of needle to record. I can further justify this purchase because I have an original copy of The Gnome Mobile soundtrack that may be liberated from its frame on my gallery wall and listened to with abandon. Mario may have thought I'd lost my mind... but I know he'll look for it every time he comes across a stack of old records. Because he is just that big of a gem.

Our town is straight out of a quaint New England stereotype. At one end of Main Street lies the town square and at the other is the college. As I drove through town this morning on the way to Kiddo's school, stopping every 100 feet at packed pedestrian crosswalks, I realized today must be the first day of classes for the semester. And I'm not there. What a strange and wonderful feeling.


  1. I have heard so many good things about Parenthood but have never watched it.

  2. Parenthood is one of the best shows ever! Can't wait to start watching season 4 <3



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