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Friday, May 2, 2014

Turning my alarm to the "off" position is my favorite thing about Friday mornings. We have a house showing at 10a tomorrow so I'll get to wake naturally, but we'll be up and out of the house early enough to have a productive day. Waking up early on the weekends can be rather satisfying, in my opinion.

This was a post-trip, post-move hodge podge week. Appointments that need to be had before our departure took place. We had several showings on our house, so that's encouraging. Wednesday, after CrossFit, I came home and started tidying things up. We are definitely in maintenance mode where the house is concerned, especially after getting only two hours' notice prior to a showing earlier this week. Had I not been keeping it up, it would have been much more stressful. Anywho, this girl hates housekeeping. Loathes it. (Except laundry. I kind of love it.) Wednesday was different. No music, no television...just me and the house becoming one. I was the Yoda of domesticity. Which makes me think I'm changing my ways. Or becoming more zen-like about this whole process. I'm leaning toward the latter.

Here's a peek at what made this week so satisfying:

1// During a random phone conversation, Mario said, "I think we should change our attitude about selling the house. Start sending positive vibes." He was right, despite the statement being slightly out of character for him. We've been focusing on the crappy real estate market, and the fact we haven't had any offers, and our upcoming departure which creates a sense of urgency. So I bought tulips. I believe tulips in a Mason jar can sell a house. Right? Right! (And let's not forget how charming our photo-bombing feline friend is. He's so charming people could fork over large sums of money to buy this place. Right? Right.) 2// Does this cutie look familiar? Oh, yes. The deposit was received yesterday and the property is no longer up for grabs. It's officially ours! Precisely one week, almost to the minute, after we found this place...our next home. 3// Thursdays have been good to us, as Mario pointed out. Not only did we find The House and The School last Thursday morning, but we got confirmation on both yesterday. Which included getting a congratulatory letter confirming Kiddo's acceptance into the magnet program we fell in love with. Next Thursday I'm buying a lotto ticket. 4// Yesterday was froyo weather. Mid-winter can also be froyo weather for us, admittedly, but we pushed the 70 degree mark for the first time in oh, 8 months? I celebrated by ordering the toppings of a 13-year old girl. 5// Sarah's got her groove back. After a week off, and much trepidation about having to seek out a new CrossFit box, I'm hitting my stride. I actually enjoyed yesterday's WOD...while it was happening.

I didn't get around to mentioning this before we left for Portland, but I signed up for my first 5K! And I suckered some friends into doing it, too! Yay! I will be participating in the Color Me Rad run in Boston at the end of the month. In my quest to become a runner, I thought I'd better start somewhere and this seems more fun than your average 5K. The key phrase here being "In my quest to become a runner". Which means I'd better start running. We finished up a 5-week weight lifting program at CrossFit before I left on our trip, and now we are focusing on conditioning. Which has included a lot of running. Which I suck at. But I don't want to! My whole life I've wanted to be someone that runs. To feel healthy, and in the event I'm being pursued by a masked bandit. Today's WOD, which starts in less than an hour, includes three one-mile runs with intense lifting in between. I've had a pit in my stomach since I saw what it was going to entail last night.

I looked at couch to 5K programs and found that I'm way ahead of the game. I can run 400+ meters at a time outdoors (while performing some other exercise between rounds) and a mile at a time on the treadmill. But I've yet to find my groove. That quiet space in your head people talk about. Where you establish your stride and things don't hurt as bad. Can a non-runner become one? I sure hope so. There is another Color Me Rad run in Portland in September, and I'm thinking about signing up for that. As a See how far you've come! basis for comparison. Perhaps if my shin splints have healed by then.

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  1. Sounds like you've got a lot going on! I like early mornings on the weekend too as it feels good to be productive early in the day (one day only though, the other is a must for sleeping in and lounging in my opinion). I think your tulips look lovely and will only get better as they bloom! Fro-yo weather has a very fluid definition in my household as well and there's no judgment about the ridiculousness of toppings when the yogurt is low fat. It balances it out, right? hehe. Best of luck with that lottery ticket next week!

  2. Yay I love your new home!!


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