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Friday, June 20, 2014

Oscar Wilde
It's official: I have a 5K under my belt. And while it wasn't timed, parts of the course weren't novice runner friendly, and all sorts of shenanigans took place, I'm calling it legit. This particular run was held on a large farm just outside of Boston where we wove our way through grass fields. It was pretty idyllic. 

I still have aspirations to one day run a more serious 5K, for no other reason than to say I did. But if you want to get started in the wide world of putting one foot in front of the other for sport, a Rad run is a good place to start. There is one being held in Portland in September, and I think it will be fun to run it, too. A way to get to know the area, maybe meet people, and to keep me on my toes (or off them, as it were) in the running department.

Mario played house photographer and all of these photos can and must be credited to him. I was busy getting coated in colored corn starch. Kiddo also came along for the ride and grinned his way through the whole experience. He scored a seemingly endless supply of color bombs and made sure we were good and colored. (A bonafide color bomb hacker was he.) I will definitely run it with him in the fall, if for no other reason than to see that grin. Devilishly charming, that kid of mine. 

A shout out to my girl Angy. She's the bestest.
Bicep bulge courtesy of CrossFit. I was a like whoa! when I saw this pick.

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