A brave new world.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

This morning I took my tot to sign up for classes at his new school. His new high school. High school classes. Stop! I can't take it. 

He is living proof that your kids grow up in the blink of an eye. All those times I wished I could take the 7p CrossFit class or go see Hotel Budapest with my husband on a week night... those days will be here all too soon. And I imagine when I enter that phase, I'll wish for the days when I had a little less freedom. The days spent curled up on the couch with Kiddo. It's a nerve-wracking time for all of us, but also an exciting one. Change is upon us!

We have a couple more weeks before said classes begin, and I tackle reentry into the working world; in the meantime we've been enjoying weekends spent exploring our new region and nights relaxing in our new digs. We're pretty fond of this place already: the city and the house.

Last weekend we ventured out to the Pendleton Mill Store in Washougal, Washington. You guys. Their blankets are amazing. The price is a little rich for our blood, at this juncture, but we still found ourselves justifying the price: They are heirlooms! It's something we'll hand down to Kiddo one day! Luckily, we came to our senses, shook the stars from our eyes, and walked away. But not before noting my favorite color, pattern and size. It was the prudent thing to do.
Do you spy Mt. Hood? It's our faithful friend to the east. Did you know you can ski on it year-round? Amazing but true!

After leaving the store, we took a short walk down to the banks of the Columbia River. We live here. Pinch me! 

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