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Monday, September 15, 2014

I've seen this series throughout the blogosphere over the last few months. (My favorites participants are Bridget and Anne. We have Pip to thank for this idea.)

I like a good writing promp + occasionally find myself with plenty to say but lacking the wherewithal to say it. Also, I'm working on my propensity to write wordy posts. They have their place, sure, but there should be some middle ground. Not every post has to be my opus, and trying to make it so is a surefire way to catch writer's block. And so.

Cooking: a lemony kale salad, I hope // a friend brought one to dinner the other night... so, so good
Drinking: half-caff coffee with toasted coconut almond milk
Reading: This Is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper
Wanting: a pair of classic Birkenstock sandals
Looking: for a great pair of jeans
Playing: old Disney records
Wasting: this day away
Sewing: ah, well, um... nothing (I should take this one out)
Wishing: the weekend had been just one day longer
Enjoying: a quiet house
Waiting: for Kiddo's post-practice "I need a ride!" call
Liking: these art prints, though I'm running out of wall space
Wondering: if a midday soak in the bath is in order (or will just make me sleepy)
Loving: the "Pumpkin on a Stick" branches pictured above // Trader Joe's for the win
Hoping: our new fruit basket helps declutter our counters
Marveling: at this Indian summer // 92 degrees today
Needing: more sleep... I'm an 8.5-9.5 hours/night kind of gal
Smelling: cantaloupe, cut up for Kiddo's breakfast this morning
Wearing: Chucks, jeans and a soft hoodie (it's still chilly inside)
Following: Sprouted Kitchen (the photos! gah!) // finding a really good blog is a triumph
Noticing: some authors have begun criticizing reviewers // I'm not a fan (I like honest opinions!)
Knowing: Husband is going on the road tomorrow, but only for two nights (!!)
Thinking: about where to find the perfect branch for this bat mobile
Bookmarking: this wedding dress website... no wedding, just loving the ethereal designs
Opening: a rare but wonderful purchase: new dish towels (these & these)
Giggling: at this video
Feeling: content, mostly

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