Weekend Links: Food (for thought)

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Happy Sunday morning! I hope your day is filled with comfort food and good reads.

On my mind:

// Making California Roll Nachos for lunch tomorrow while Kiddo is at school. (A stay-at-home lunch date, if you will.)

// Activism, or more specifically "slacktivism". (I've had a lot of feelings about the Ice Bucket Challenge over the past couple weeks, prompted by a rather self-righteous Facebook post I read, and this article helped me sort some of it out.)

// Making another batch of these pancakes. I've been making them for years (RIP Everyday Food), and love having them in the freezer for school mornings. We've leggo my eggo in favor of something a little more nutritionally dense.

// I came across this photo which has inspired me to figure out how to enlarge my favorite children's poem from this book, which is one of my most prized possessions (and one of the few things I have from early childhood).

// I've been striving toward minimalism and simplicity in my life for a while now, and Mario and I have committed to snowballing our debt. However, even good things, necessary things, can become unhealthy. Whether it's ruminating over each and every item in a $100 Target purchase or feeling guilty because the snowball has stopped rolling, balance, I've learned, is the key to success. (And is something I struggle to find each and every day.) This article was so insightful.

// I've been floundering when it comes to reestablishing my workout routine. I know I need it to look different than it used to, but ambiguity has kept me from knowing when and where to start. A couple days before we moved, I had the perfect run. My first ever perfect run. I want to get that back. This article motivated me to start. Somewhere. Anywhere. Just start. I hope this book is in our mailbox as I write this.

// If made to choose one treat to have for the rest of my life, I'd choose gummy bears. No contest. And that was before I knew about gummy bear sangria. And all the other boozy things you can do with them.

//Oh, and then there is this lemonade. I can't make it soon enough.

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