High Five for Friday: Giving Thanks

Friday, October 17, 2014

Don't let the title confuse you: this is not a Thanksgiving post. (Is it November? What day is it again?)

It was one of those weeks, with a Friday morning that was the icing on the proverbial cake. The universe is just trying to keep me humble. I get it.

And you know what? Those hard parenting weeks make the less eventful ones seem easy peasy. (Also, a note to all the internet advice-givers: when someone googles nosebleed + mattress + how to, they aren't looking for "You should have used a mattress pad!" It's even less appreciated at 5:30a.)

No, it's simply one of those times when I feel the need to take stock; to review all the little things that make life good. The things you look forward to after Kiddo goes to bed. The first-cup-of-coffee-in-the-morning kind of things. Because they add up.

Commence glass half full thinking.

I found a new hair stylist! If you recall, I got overwhelmed by all the salons on Yelp, couldn't decide, and went about cutting my own hair. It turned out quite alright in the end, but when you need a big change, you go to a professional. (You have to draw the line somewhere, I suppose. Also, you probably shouldn't use fabric scissors to chop your locks. But hey.) And so I'm several inches lighter and feeling much more fancy free. She made the cut (see what I did there), so next up: a dye job. Let's do this right.


I am obsessed with Pretty Little Liars. When it premiered a few years ago, I remember thinking I should watch it. Last Sunday, feeling a little bored, I decided to give it a go. And in what can only be described as a bout of binge-watching, I nearly made it through the first season. As soon as Kiddo is tucked in for the night, I try and sneak in a couple more episodes. Bedtime be damned! A small part of me wonders if I'm a 14-year old masquerading as an adult, while the remaining 95% thinks this fanaticism is totally legit. 

Netflix is, like, totes ma goats earning its keep this month. (Slap me.)

Thank goodness joggers came into my life this month. It took a while to find the right fit for me (returns by mail = gah!), but I got there. Styling them, however, has proved trickier. The other day, while out and about running errands, I passed a store mirror and realized I looked like I had set out for the day still wearing my pajamas. Not cute and a little embarrassing. I'm working on it. This jogger styling tutorial was timely. [In case you were wondering, I bought the zip-pocket track pants and colorblock track pants, both from Gap. Size down!]

I was so bummed to find that a couple of my records skipped badly, including the one with our wedding song. (Which took over a year to find. That's what you get when you choose a lesser known Van Morrison song from an obscure 1989 album that is out of print. But I digress.) Mario, aka The World's Best Husband, bought me a new record player for my birthday. It turns out my old junk store player was to blame in all but one case. (Thank goodness!)

The first hour of the Today is kind of nice. No frills or commercial breaks every 90 seconds, just the news. In a casual way. More than anything, I was up and functional before dawn which made me feel like a member of some exclusive club. I enjoyed the ritual of it more than anything. I don't know if a tiger can change her stripes, but when it come to being a morning person, but I'm sure trying.

Also, TGIF. For reals.

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  1. I absolutely love your hair!!!

  2. Oooh my husband and I are getting into joggers lately..well, more like me stealing the ones he bought because we pretty much wear the same size on men's wear, except my hips are bigger and his body's broader ;) I have the same record player and I love it, love the radio option on it too, we leave it on for the dogs on weekends! <3



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