A whirlwind tour of the Pacific Northwest + thoughts on easy friendships

Thursday, November 6, 2014

There's this girl I know. We worked together for a bit almost 10 years ago; having since kept in touch through life changes and relocations. We followed similar later-in-life college trajectories. We share many of the same world views. We both love Golden Girls with all our hearts, which, really, is enough in common don't you think?

It's not your typical friendship in the sense that there are no phone conversations or Facebook interactions. (We keep in touch primarily via text and Instagram.) I feel more at ease with her than most, and yet it is perhaps the most low-maintenance relationship I've ever had. That pressure to stay on top of each other's lives just doesn't exist. I wish all my friendships were that uncomplicated.

What I'm saying is, it's an easy sort of friendship.

Whenever our paths cross (or easily could), we meet up. And you know what? Each and every time we reestablish an effortless rapport. Last week was one such occasion. In just a couple short weeks she is embarking on an overseas journey to start her post-collegiate life. I have no idea when she'll be back, and neither does she.

Fortunately, the timing worked out perfectly and she was able to spend three days with me. The Pacific Northwest was unfamiliar to her, so we set out to take in as much as we could in the little time we had. Husband generously took over most of the duties at home so I could take her on a whirlwind tour of our new 'hood. (Which included a day trip to Seattle. It's a 2.5 hour drive away, so we are able to run right up there when the mood strikes; a fact that thrills me to no end.)

You know all those stereotypes about Portland? Totally true. And they flaunt it. This children's clothing store display kind of sums up the culture, no? (The book!)

In Portland: Blue Star Donuts; the N. Mississippi neighborhood (a favorite); Rimsky-Korsakoffee House (great desserts and drinks, meh service); Powell's City of Books (obviously); the Pearl District; Old Town Chinatown; the Underground Portland tour (interesting + funny!); the food truck block on Washington; and the waterfront. Next visit: the International Rose Test Garden. (Though not too shabby for two days.)

Future Halloween costume idea. Fo sho.
I get all twitterpated every time I see the Labyrinth display. Hands-down my favorite movie of all time.
Those Pike Place flowers, I tell you.
We can vouch for the Apple Cider sorbet and Extra Dark Chocolate ice cream.
I spy a sexy new umbrella.

In Seattle: The EMP Museum; Space Needle; Pike Place Market + an extensive walk through downtown Seattle; my favorite graffiti wall; Bella Umbrella (where I scored my first real umbrella); Metsker Maps; Cupcake Royale; and Storyville.

I think Seattle did an excellent job of wooing her. It was the perfect drizzly kind of day for a visit. On the advice of a friend, we hung around until after rush hour traffic. In order to kill some time, we stopped by a coffee shop to people watch + chat. Without realizing, we stayed a full 35 minutes after closing and the baristas said not one word. They just let us hang out while they cleaned up. Storyville was the icing on the Seattle-shaped cake. I heart that place.

Until next time, Jenn.


  1. F**K............I just wrote you the longest, most thought provoking comment, and it got eaten right before I hit publish.
    crap. will be back to try and re-compose as soon as I can. Dammit. Even "I" was impressed...........
    Have been so loving your thoughts lately.

    1. I can't wait! :) (P.S. It happens to me all the time. The comment of all comments gets written then it never loads. Oy.)

  2. A is for Activist - LOL. That is so what I would imagine a child's book looks like at a children's shop in Portland.

    1. That book is hilarious! Portland does NOT try to hide its stripes. :)


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