Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The other day, after a lovely afternoon spent in the city with the boys, I had a moment. You know the kind. A hyper-focus on finding The Wrapping Paper followed by remorse over what I spent on said wrapping paper and frustration over the fact that nobody seemed to have The Perfect Lipstick in stock so why do they even have it out unless to taunt me?! moment. A moment that had little to do with wrapping paper and lipstick, of course.

The fact is, I let the noise in. I should never let the noise in. Those outside pressures, mostly self-imposed, that lead to an overwhelming yet abstract feeling that a ball is going to drop. Irrational fears like uncoordinated gift presentation become something they most definitely are not. And so it goes.

So today is about gratitude. Those little (and big) things I'm so grateful for. A healthy, happy kiddo. A husband who loves me and still, after 11 years, tells me so many times a day.

Despite the fact that Thanksgiving was last week, and I've clearly missed the deadline for a holiday-in-review post, I'm taking a moment to list 10 things I'm thankful for. Even if they seem material and superficial. Because the fact is, sometimes finding the perfect day planner or impossibly soft leggings are worthy of a fist pump.

1// Friends and family. And friends who are like family. Our long-time friends Troy and Kathi not only helped us plan and execute our move, they have been an amazing support system. As if that weren't enough, they invited us to their family Thanksgiving celebration. There was good conversation, great people, and cute bagel-eating chickens.

Oh, and a handmade hearth loaf Husband whipped up, complete with decorative braided wheat embellishment. Have I mentioned I married up?

2// Kiddo doesn't leave home without a book. There is nothing lovelier, in my opinion, than a child who devours books. Currently: the Collected Works of Jules Verne. Swoon.

3// Cupcakes and coffee for breakfast. Because I'm a grownup and I can.

4// A walk in the woods.

5// This city of ours. I've never felt so at home.

6// This furball. Although we miss Jack every day, having him in our lives has kept our hearts from breaking entirely.

7// These orca plates make me really happy. It's not too late to fulfill my childhood dream of becoming a marine biologist, right?

8// Long evening walks with Kiddo. Walks spent talking about school and life and our wildest dreams. And Star Trek and Doctor Who. They could last forever and that would be just find with me.

9// This man. Hardworking, kind, and selfless. He's good people. It doesn't matter how tired or burned out he is, we come first. I'll spend the rest of my life trying to rise to his level of greatness. (Did I mention his tolerance toward sleeping photo ops?)

10// A good cup of coffee. Nothing inspires me to write or explore my dreams more than a well-made cup of Joe. My ideal afternoon involves a comfy chair, the ambient noise composed of foaming milk + casual conversation, and a blank blog page.

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  1. There is nothing better than good friends that become family. :)


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