Friday, April 17, 2015

As previously mentioned, I retired my geriatric laptop recently. That lovely creature had been my constant companion: it was there when I typed my very first blog post (and three subsequent years of blogging); helped me produce countless term papers and research essays over the course of four years (and patiently waited while I procrastinated my way through writer's block and general laziness); and saw me through hundreds of hours of internet surfing.

That machine, it would seem, knows me better than myself: it holds 7+ years of bookmarks and documents, some I don't even remember saving. You know how after many years of using Netflix it gets to know you and your preferences and begins making suggestions based on your mood, which makes you swear it knows you? That's that computer for me. Sarah from 6 years ago bookmarked a website because she thought Future Sarah would totally appreciate that style of writing, clothing design, or be in a place to buy those totally gorgeous but oh so expensive handmade wooden spoons. It's a time capsule of sorts.

Saying goodbye to that history, both literally and figuratively, was hard. (Which is probably why Shiny New Computer lived in its box for nearly a month before I cracked her open.) My emotional hangups about inanimate objects aside, starting over with a clean state is always refreshing. It has been fun finding a new group of favorites based on where I am now. My bookmarks are organized into folders, and my Word documents will one day (soon, I hope) be filled grad school-worthy material.

Over the last year I've been turning the page on a new chapter, while discovering new likes and interests. Sorting through and backing up photos, documents and bookmarks from my old computer has been nostalgic but also freeing. A reminder that we are ever-evolving creatures; our likes and interests are not static over a lifetime.

Here are some lovely things that made it into my save pile this week:

Puberty, pregnancy and weight fluctuations haven't been kind to my body, so I'm a one-piece kinda gal. I think I found my dream swimsuit.

This website is filled to the brim with unique, colorful toys... but I'm totally smitten. Search their site for nesting dolls. I double dog dare you.

This waxed canvas tote is perfection. (I'd use it as a non-diaper bag.)

Perhaps the perfect dress?

The art of nature.

A beautiful new cookbook made it into our home this week. It has quickly become a favorite. 

Happy Weekend!

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