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Thursday, April 2, 2015

It's a known fact among our close friends and family that we subscribe to precisely 1 million magazines. This can be contributed, in part, to Mario's proclivity for cashing in every. single. expiring airline mile... typically in the form of subscriptions. Time, so we can stay up on current events and be well-rounded citizens; Women's Health, so I can be a more active, attractive version of myself (while feeling completely inundated by the ever contradictory advice regarding the best methods of physical exercise and macronutrient consumption); Outside, because the photography! and the articles! (and, let's be honest, the lingering aspiration that I will one day become "outdoorsy"); Adweek, because it's good to know the latest and greatest in the marketing and advertising world (Target, how dare you use my frivolous acquisition of glitter, t-shirts and trail mix to profile my buying habits). The list goes on (and on). Did I mention they are all paid up until 2030, at which point we can add an AARP subscription to the mix?

If I'm honest, most of them make their way to the recycling bin or Kiddo's school for collage projects. As I get older (and more evolved, I hope), I find that constant influx of information, often served up in a zillion little information boxes, overwhelming. Reading a magazine at bedtime is a sure way to stave off slumber... it puts my brain on information overload. In short, I've become a terrible magazine reader. Gone are the days of me anxiously awaiting that month's issue of Teen. (Tiffani Amber Thiessen + Brian Austin Green = True Love Forever.) (I'm old.)

In an ideal world, I'd pore over all the glossy pages and become an expert in the fine arts of fitness, DIY and home decor. I'd make a Pinterest-worthy home cooked meal six nights a week, complete with the requisite spiraled fruit or vegetable peel garnish. Martha and her beautifully photographed monthly inspires me to be a better, well, everything. (Only Martha could get me to consider gold leafing my Easter eggs.) Martha Stewart Living is a fairly new addition to the magazine pile (though we go waaay back), and it, along with Outside (usually) get read. They are the exceptions.

Every couple months I'll be wooed by an issue Real Simple from the checkout line (for the love of all things holy, open another lane), and a copy will make its way home with me. Because clearly I need another magazine ... like I need a hole in my head. But, you know, the covers are real pretty and promise to make my life better from A-Z.

One such month was February. Let me tell you, that issue was worth its weight in recipe gold. I was in a soup sort of mood and they knew that. (Target probably told them.) And that's the story of how 3 new meals made their way into my life. Make them, enjoy them, and let me know if you want a free gift subscription.

I've made this several times and it has quickly become a favorite. Easy peasy and super delicious. // Advice:  I add a second bottle of clam juice; I like extra flavor in my soup broths.

This one takes a little more effort, but boy is it good. Miso is allegedly a superfood, so I could feel the latest issue of Women's Health radiating approval from the mail pile. // Advice: Sub low-sodium chicken broth for at least half of the water. Flavor and all that jazz. Also, I used our favorite potstickers from Costco which have a firmer wrapping that held up through leftovers the next day.

This was a fork + spoon, slurp-your-noodles kind of soup. The best kind, in my opinion. // Advice: Again, add a broth (beef, chicken and vegetable would all be good) otherwise the soup base is a little boring. Also, don't sweat it if you can't find dried porcini mushrooms. All my local stores were mysteriously out of stock, so I substituted a mixture of dried mushrooms that contained porcinis and it turned out just fine.

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  1. Reading this post breakfast at 9:33 am and now you have me salivating (and starving!)... these look amazing!!! Costoco potstickers? Much check that out...



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