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Friday, May 29, 2015

Three day weekends make me all wonky. Not once have I had the day right this week: Tuesday was Wednesday, Wednesday was Thursday, and so on. Thank goodness today is not actually Saturday, because that would mean the weekend is half over. I never want the weekend to be over.

We have no set plans, which is my favorite way to approach the weekend. I hope your days are filled with naps, iced beverages, and driving with the windows down.

Seen and heard this week:

another use for pickle juice (besides drinking it straight from the jar). (Just me?)

a Southwest-themed bbq party (those cupcakes!) (!!!)

maybe Ozzie and Harriet had it right: a case for sleeping alone

a comprehensive summer reading guide

National Geographic's annual photo contest (each and every one is amazing)

vegan queso (I've had it. It was delicious. I'm a convert.)

After 4 years, Birchbox has run it's course for me. Perhaps I'll replace it with this when my subscription expires.

Now go make some Vitamin D!

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