These Happy Golden Years

Friday, May 8, 2015

The week before last I blogged every single day. I was on fire. So it only stands to reason that a whole week would then go by sans post. I'm nothing if not (in)consistent. 

This last week was for coffee shop hopping, an (overdue) tire rotation, Kiddo's engineering project, and a second interview for The Perfect Job. Husband was gallivanting around a foreign country known as Southern California, all in the name of business. (My birthplace! I'm an expat.) No rest for the weary, however, as Kiddo had his last track invitational on Saturday, which required a 6a wake up call. As a result, the weekend felt shorter than usual. (Hashtag firstworldproblems.)

Mario and I spent Saturday morning watching Jared compete at a track invitational (his last of the season), then headed back to Portland to spend the day together. (Kiddo wanted to stay for the whole event and take the bus home with his teammates.) On the ride back we watched streaming video of my sister-in-law's college graduation (Congratulations, Erica!).

Saturday afternoon we went to Crafty Wonderland, our first Portland craft show experience. (I mean, the talent in this city. It was like a craft show on steroids... the caliber of the artists was off the charts.) Then we wandered around the city a smidge and caught an early dinner before getting the requisite "Coach said to call our parents... the bus is close!" call.

Yesterday brought Mother's Day, of course, but also Kiddo's birthday. This happens every few years, making the day extra sweet. Celebrating your one and only's birth on the day reserved for motherhood is always serendipitous. We made up for Saturday's busyness by unapologetically lounging in front of the television. Cinnamon rolls for breakfast, binge-watching a new show kind of lounging. The best kind, in my opinion. (Though Husband was more productive than I was, running to the farmer's market when it opened to grab me a fresh bouquet. There was also a cookbook I'd been admiring + a set of wood measuring spoons. I heart him.) (Also, I woke up to pretty purple buds on one of my air plants. How lovely and unexpected!)

Last night we watched Kiddo dig into the pile of Amazon boxes, cards, and padded envelopes that had littered the corner of our living room for weeks. I made him a cake, one of my finest I think, and held our breath as he blew out the candles.

"Did you make a wish?" (me)
"No." (him)
"Oh! Do you want to do it again?" (me)
"I don't need a wish. I'm perfectly content with where I am right now." (him)
[heart skips a beat] (me)

I can't think of a better Mother's Day gift than the realization that your Kiddo wishes for nothing more than what he already has. To know that his life is exactly how it should be, how he wants it to be, is... gosh. No words. Be still my beating heart.

Life has been good. Calmer, I think; a result of my constant effort to slow my roll already. I should know about The Job by the end of this week, though she mentioned mid-interview that her budget proposal to hire more staff may fall through. At this point I'll work for Hershey's Kisses and a smile. In the meantime I'll keep drinking up Portland's finest decaf while pondering the creation of a new blog devoted to all the wonders the Pacific Northwest has to offer. (Think my Best of Portland posts, but all in one place.)

Also, lately:

The Avengers at a historic theater. (One big explosion peppered with one-liners... as expected. Entertaining nonetheless.)

Foliage, foliage everywhere. Vista eating his veggies like good kitties do.

Explored some awesome new-to-me neighborhoods + coffee shops this week. Are you tired of hearing me say how much I like the Pacific Northwest? (I do. I really do.)

Meal planning like a boss; iced lattes (decaf, because I'm well-behaved); I scream, you scream.

Shenanigans. Always.

Husband's latest wood carving accomplishment. You can't tell from the photo, but it's a teeny weeny baby spoon, made for an expectant coworker/friend. I could die. I mean, how darling.

Architecturally obsessed. I want them all. (The top one!!!)

Wishing you all a happy + productive week!

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