Taking Stock | 03

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Making: pies. It's berry season and those bad boys have a short shelf life. (This crust is a dream!)
Cooking: mushrooms in pickle juice + brainstorming other things I can add it to. (They were good.)
Drinking: coffee again. (oops.)
Reading: the last few chapters of The Scarlet Letter + The Last Anniversary by Liane Moriarty.
Wanting: this printed tent (the trail favors function over form—though one can hope to still be stylish despite 8 days without a shower).
Looking: for a Wes Anderson DVD collection. They should make one. I'd buy it. (Mario and I watched Moonrise Kingdom last weekend and loved it equally the second go-around.)
Playing: with watercolors (in this coloring book).
Wishing: for more date nights with Mario (there is no shortage of restaurants to try).
Enjoying: warmer temps and evening breezes—the porch is getting a lot more attention these days.
Waiting: to get in for a haircut. It's been a few months and my mop is looking scraggly.
Liking: all the retro runners.
Wondering: where my wedding ring is lurking (it's been missing for weeks—I suspect the cat was involved).
Loving: this gorgeous camera + laptop bag. (I'll have one of everything on their website, please.)
Watching: Bloodline on Netflix. Mario and I are really into it. (Is it wrong to send Kiddo to bed at 5p so we can binge-watch?)
Hoping: to see some tufted puffins this weekend.
Marveling: at how quickly the first half of the year went by.
Needing: to start populating the new blog. I have a serious case of fear-based writer's block.
Smelling: that fresh, earthy smell that comes after a good rain shower.
Wearing: these t-shirts from Target pretty much every day (I just ordered 3 more).
Following: Sea Salt and Evergreens (is there anything better than finding a lovely new blog?).
Noticing: Portland has precisely one million coffee shops. I will never run out of new places to surf the internet write. 
Thinking: about this article and its insight into the societal plight of all women.
Bookmarking: PCT blogs, guides, websites, and maps.
Giggling: during this movie (but utterly touched + moved by it, too). I mean, Bill Murray.
Feeling: excited. nervous. overwhelmed. but above all, grateful.


  1. wow, hope you find your ring soon!
    i'm not a camper but that tent can't help but inspire a person to change her mind lol
    i'm a bill murray fan so will have to add that one to the list. i re-watched 'what about bob' not that long ago lol

    1. Hi Autumn! Fingers crossed on the ring! I know it's lurking in a corner somewhere...

      If you like Bill Murray, Moonrise Kingdom is another good one. He plays the dad and is quite funny. (He usually has some kind of cameo or role in Wes Anderson movies).


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