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Friday, July 10, 2015

Another week has come and gone. And almost half of July is already behind us. When did that happen?!

My weekend will involve comfy clothes and dirt. I have a potting/re-potting project planned, a chore that becomes necessary when you take up the hobby of plant husbandry and can't pass a succulent without taking it home. The collection grows in spurts, and I've recently gained quite a few additions. (Though yesterday, despite passing dozens of succulents, didn't bring one home. Perhaps I've hit some sort of unspoken quota?) I've come to quite enjoy caring for plants, which I have little history of doing, and garner a great deal of pleasure from arranging and rearranging them in windowsills + finding new places for them to live when we run out of real estate. (Not a day goes by that I don't envy Natalie's Brooklyn windowsill. The things I could do with a ledge like that.) I tend to fuss over them, a no-no when it comes to the hardier breeds, and over-watering is something I have to be vigilant about. A schedule on the fridge may be necessary to reel in my excess nurturing. (I'm pretty sure my Fenestraria is on its deathbed because I gave it too much to drink.)


What are your plans? Please tell me comfy clothes are also in your near future. In the heat Portland and much of the rest of the country is experiencing, fitted duds just won't do. I restlessly futz with my clothes if they are not just right for the summer months.

I expect there will also be cleaning (long overdue), sorting, donating, and all the other things we tend to leave for our days off. Three cheers for air conditioning! Otherwise the laundry would be likely get neglected and the dishwasher left full and dirty during this heatwave. No air conditioning? I feel you. This is the first full summer we've had it in 7 years. I used to wander aimlessly around Target on the particularly hot days.)

Seen, heard and bookmarked:

// I've gone three whole weeks without chewing my digits! One simply must abandon a lifelong nail biting habit when working in healthcare. The germs! Oh, the germs! This Portland-made nail polish has saved the day. (I came across it in a boutique and fell madly in love. I can go a whole week chip-free. Booyah.) Keeping them short + polished is key.

// Giving this hummus egg salad recipe a try, since I need to establish a rock solid lunchbox rotation. (I'll be working four 10-hour shifts a week, so I need to be able to prep eight meals to take with me.)

// Though I've gotten better, I have a long history of saying sorry when I needn't do so. I loved this article addressing the issue of women apologizing unnecessarily. Insightful to say the least.

// The photographs on this blog are stunning

// I've never thought I could pull off a one-piece outfit. This romper has me rethinking things.

// My belly has been a bit rumbly lately, likely the result of traveling and work-related nervousness. I'm hoping this kombucha helps balance things out. It's the most palatable fermented tea I've ever tasted.

// I listened to this audiobook on the drive to and from Montana, and I'm currently reading this book as part of my reading goals. (The former was riveting. The latter is meatier and technical, but still interesting + eye-opening.)

Have a great weekend!


  1. That nail polish is so fun. I managed to break my habit of nail biting by painting my nails. It helps a lot! The only problem I had is that if I used nail polish that was too cheap and chipped early on I would go back to biting my nails. Now I use a gel based polish. It will last up to a week without chipping and it's much cheaper than going and getting my nails don professionally. My favorite is Whim, it's found at Ulta.


    1. Thanks for the tip, Ali! I've chewed my nails since early childhood, which makes it a VERY hard habit to break. I've had a couple periods where I overcame the urge, but it was always temporary. I have the same problem...if they chip, I chew. I'm going to give the gel polish a try.


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