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Friday, March 4, 2016

Happy Friday! Husband is leaving for a lengthy business trip tomorrow, so I took the weekend off to be with Kiddo. Then I realized this will be the first weekend I've been free and clear to do what I please since December. December. Saturday and Sunday! I will not sing a single sour note because, a whole weekend off.

Add to that a successful first three days of Whole30 with minimal cravings and life is good. Oh, and did I mention the emergence of (early) spring? It's true. The Pacific Northwest does spring like a boss

Without further ado, here are some things that I've seen, heard and bookmarked lately.

Grownup grilled cheese. (I won't be making it this month, but it's getting bookmarked for April. Fo Sho.)

I've always thought meditation would help me a lot, but have never been disciplined enough to make it a regular practice. This energy clearing meditation really struck a chord with me. (I've come to realize I absorb outside energy like it's my job.) I'm giving it a go.

After reading this floral chalk mural diy, I got inspired to sign up for a chalkboard lettering class. (I'd been holding out for another brush lettering class, but came to the conclusion that a woman cannot possibly acquire too many artistic skills.)

Attempting breakfast meal planning with this Sweet Potato Breakfast Casserole. (I got up at 5:30 yesterday morning! Progress! I'll become a morning person yet.)

Kiddo and I watched 'Mr. President' and 'The First Lady' for, like, 15 minutes straight the other day. Without blinking. Utterly fascinating and so cool.

I'm hardly one to get excited about swimsuits, but this ruffled one-piece is lovely and right up my alley.

I first saw Sarah K. Benning's work for sale in a Portland shop, then went on to follow her religiously on Instagram. Her embroidery hoops are amazing works of art. This week she made my year and started a monthly embroidery pattern subscription. It's more than I would normally pay for patterns, and a leap of faith since I won't see them until they are released each month, but I had some PayPal money burning a whole in my digital pocket and sprung for the 6-month subscription. First month: crystals!

Speaking of subscriptions, I cancelled my monthly Birchbox. I've been with them from the very beginning, but it had grown monotonous some time ago. After posting about my love of giant knitting on IG, a friend suggested The Crafter's Box. It costs significantly more than Birchbox, but I was looking for something new + different and this fits the bill. I can't wait to arm-knit myself a great big blanket!

Excited to dig into this biography about hiking the PCT. The dream is still very much alive!

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