A Movie and a Milestone

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Yesterday was a monumental day in the Maichel household. In an attempt to slowly, very slowly, release our son from the nest, Mario and I went to a movie and (gasp!) Jared went to another. That's right. Separate movies. We had been dying to see this for months:

But our sitter wasn't available. So we found a theater in Worcester, Massachusetts that was showing it at the same time as a Jared-appropriate movie. He saw this:

I was dying NOT to see this. Win-win. We stood in line and bought him his own bag of popcorn and his own soda. I walked him to his ticket gate and waved goodbye. Now that I think about it, I acted like I was sending him off to camp for a week, not to see a ridiculous triqual. I just made up that word . . . it's actually another sequel. And now I'm wasting time explaining that I knew it wasn't proper English when I could have just said sequel. I apologize. Anyway, my heart swelled with pride as he galloped off to see a film by himself. He may as well have been 100 miles away, not 100 feet. This was a huge accomplishment! When we got done with the movie he was dutifully waiting in the designated place. Upon telling him how proud I was he replied, "Well, I'm going to be driving soon, so I need to start building the trust now." Very wise, indeed. Did I mention he's twelve?

So why am I acting like a ninny over something so seemingly insignificant? Because it symbolizes the beginnings of freedom and self-reliance for both of us. I had J when I was nineteen, so I've never been an adult without also being a mom. Some days I scarcely remember what it was like to just go and do something when I felt like doing it. My husband and I didn't have our twenties to explore the world and our relationship without the responsibility of caring for a little one. Plus, J hasn't been the easiest kid. He's picky and quirky and incredibly smart and temperamental. We love all that about him (the temperamental-ness less so, admittedly) and wouldn't change it for the world. But he's a really complex kid to parent. When we reach little milestones like this, there is an excitement about his ability to fend for himself (a sign of good parenting, I hope) and a peek into our less restrictive future as a married couple. We have reached the point in parenting where a balance exists. We can raise our awesome kid and enjoy the luxury of a movie date. Now that is something to celebrate.

It is bittersweet, too. After all, he is all I've ever known as far as adulthood is concerned. He's my soulmate and it's hard to face the fact that I'm going to have to let him go at some point. Unless there is a parent-student dorm where we can stay together. I kid. Until I have to face that hurdle, I'm going to enjoy our new found freedom. I don't always have to go to the silly kiddy movies anymore! We aren't near home alone status by any stretch, but we'll get there. Baby steps. In the meantime, I can enjoy quirky, wonderful, R-rated movies like Moonrise Kingdom. In an actually theater. Even if the sitter has family in town.

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  1. I had also just started to condsider sharing a room w/ G at the university of her choice.....lol


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