Dear Mario,

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Six whole years, huh? We haven't strangled each other or our child. That's a huge accomplishment! I scarcely remember what my life was like without you in it. I do know that the former me doesn't hold a candle to your wife. I'm a wiser, smarter, kinder, more patient person. I owe all that to you.

Six years ago today, almost to the minute, we signed a document tying us together for the rest of our lives. It was just a piece of paper. It couldn't make me love you more, or be more devoted than I already was, but it made me your wife. That's really cool. All of my hangups about marriage don't apply to ours. I do not want to grow old, see the world, or raise our son with anyone else. Ever. My future has your name on it. You're it for me . . . and I couldn't be more at peace with that.

Jared has the most amazing dad a kid could ask for. You were meant to be his dad from the day he was born. As he says, "It just took us a bit to find you." He, too, is better for knowing you. He will grow from a great kid to a great man, and he has you to thank, in large part, for that.

No matter how frustrated I get with you, know that it's worth it if it means waking up next to you. You make me feel beautiful, worthwhile, and important. I hope I do the same for you. I'm amazed every single day by your talent, strength, and courage. I lovingly call you my "boyfriend" because I'm still excited to call you mine. Don't ever doubt that. Even when the daily minutiae and inconveniences get to us, I'd choose them over a life without you. Period. You're funny, sweet and kind.  I've never loved or laughed so much.

You're the yin to my yang. The bread to my butter. The rootbeer to my float (which I'd drink for you any day). The cheese to my cracker. I love you. I'm proud of you. Here's to six more great years . . . and fifty more after that. Happy Anniversary, Boyfriend.

xo- Sarah

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