Road Trippin'

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Prior to living in New Hampshire, we were bona fide Cardinals fans. As in, St. Louisites. Or St. Louisans. I'm not sure which. It's a groovy city. Even better? The people. We met some amazing, lifelong friends in the 3 1/2 years we called St. Louis home.

Watching The Lorax

Since we had the whole month of August free this year, we decided to get in another trip this summer. I also wanted to get my new wheels on the open road and really stretch her legs. The natural solution? A road trip to Saint Louie. Duh!

Reading about Marvel characters...for the zillionth time

Day one of our two day trek to St. Louis? In the bag. I'm writing this from a Residence Inn in Columbus, Ohio. Driving across the eastern half of the States with my boys? Yes, please! If given the choice and the time, I'd take driving over flying any day. I love the experience and lack of claustrophobic hassle. Plus, you can't see the world's biggest privately owned Lego collection from a plane.

My studly man friend. He suggested we buy one of those weird Sprinter vans and live on the road. I would drive and he would work from his mobile office in the back. I think he secretly harbors the desire to be a gypsy. I was afraid the next suggestion would be to sell dream catchers out of said Sprinter at state fairs. Uh, perhaps we've bonded enough for now, Honey. How 'bout that audiobook?

Eating oranges...the most practical car food. Or not.

My little nugget is the best road tripper. And he's a pretty energetic dude. I think it's because we started him off young. Since the age of three or four, long drives have been a part of his life. We've had three big moves in the past nine years; and we have family all over the country.

Lego action figures and all the great noises only a boy can make

A backpack full of his favorite trinkets, a portable DVD player, and a couple of audiobooks and he's perfectly content in his little backseat nook. Right now we are knee deep in The Hunger Games while discussing the social implications of being a voyeuristic society. We're really deep.

Thanks to Yelp, we kept up our tradition of dining at only the best local eateries. This place was so cool! You sit at a counter that has an old diner feel . . . but it is all outside.


I had the "Large Marge." There was grilled turkey under the cheese and bacon. And the onion rings, well, onions are a vegetable.


Freshly brewed root beer. Yuck. I mean yuuummy.


My pick was Midnight Train To Georgia. Jared picked Johnny B. Goode. "You know, the song from Back to the Future."

That's all for now. It's past my bedtime. More from the road tomorrow. Nighty night, friends.


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