Spare a Pig, Eat Chorizo

Monday, August 6, 2012

I could eat Mexican food. Every. Single. Day. There's a real love there. One of my favorite flavors is chorizo sausage. I'm not a sausage person in general (insert dirty joke), but this stuff is sooo good. Unfortunately, it's sooo bad for me.

Being the persistent person that I am, I have found a more than suitable substitute for the real thing. Besides, it's the flavor I'm after, not the fat.

Solution: Soy Chorizo. Don't run away. I'm not talking Tofurkey here, guys. This stuff is awesome. And easier to find than the real thing. It has the exact same flavor as real chorizo, but without the yuckiness.

There are two kinds I've tried:

Melissa's Soyrizo

This stuff is delish and found in most grocery stores. The texture and flavor are really, really good.


Trader Joe's Soy Chorizo
This is my absolute favorite. I simply can't get enough. It adds amazing flavor to chili, taco meat, and any Mexican/Spanish dish. The texture isn't soy-ish at all! You know what I mean. Squidgy, mealy, and overall funky. It blends seamlessly into dishes and you'll never miss the meat. I promise. This is coming from a girl who has tried and failed to love many a soy product over the years.
Because this stuff is housed in an inedible casing, ground is the easiest way to serve it. I suppose you could make a patty or something . . . I've never tried nor felt the need. I typically cut the tube in half along the fold and freeze one portion if I'm not using the whole thing in a dish.
This is my favorite use: Scrambled in eggs. This is just 2 whites plus one whole egg and soy chorizo cooked with a little pan spray. No other seasonings needed. Then I top it with any tastiness we have around the kitchen. This particular day I used avocado and goat cheese. Deeelish! And healthy.

Any great soy meat recommendations?


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