Cankles Are In, Right?

Friday, September 21, 2012

Hello my name is Sarah, and I am a hoarder. Well, my body is anyway. You know that magical substance that occurs when hydrogen and oxygen bond? Yep, my fingers and ankles just love to hang on to it.

A little Chinese food for dinner? Hello, tight pants. Movie theater popcorn? Get out the butter...or the wedding ring is not coming off. Pasta? Oof. It ain't pretty.

I picture my body with piles of salt crystals stashed in corners. Sure, everyone gets the bloat once in a while, but I am especially susceptible. I try to stay away from uber-salty foods and refined carbs. Really I do. But in this day in age, what isn't loaded with sodium and starch? When I'm really disciplined about my diet and exercise, my body thanks me. But sometimes I struggle to stay on the straight and narrow...or I simply find myself with an annoying pair of cankles despite my efforts.

Needless to say, whenever I find a solution to this malady, I try it. Assuming it doesn't involve something crazy like an animal sacrifice. Well, if that would do the job...just kidding!

Like so many random things, I came across this recipe for a water-retention tea Jillian Michaels came up with. Considering it only takes a few inexpensive ingredients (and they go a looong way), I thought "Why not?" While I cannot find the origin of this recipe, just type "Jillian Michaels" and "tea" and the interweb will light up. I've noticed there are a few variations and error-ridden versions (60 oz of water to one tea bag? Probably a mistake).  Here is the way I do it:

Anti-Bloat Tea
  • 1 bag dandelion root tea
  • 8 oz. water
  • 1 tbsp unsweetened cranberry juice
  • 2 tbsp lemon juice
Brew the tea in 8 ounces of boiling water. Transfer to a water bottle or large glass. Add ice or place in the fridge until cool (brewing the night before ensures it is cool for the next day). Add the cranberry and lemon juices. Drink. Pee.

At first I followed the recipe(s) I found to a T. Then I loosened up and started brewing a mug full of tea (about 12 oz), poured a glug of the cranberry juice, and wrung out half a lemon. It is bitter. But I don't mind such things, and considering I drink it in a reusable cold cup, the straw prevents me from tasting it too much. One recipe suggested adding stevia or another sugar-free sweetener to help with flavor. I never do. Plus, it's worth it to feel a little less Michelin Man-ish. It reminds me of the Warheads I used to suck on as a kid. Follow up with a lot of water.

The verdict? It definitely helps. Do I lose a pound a day? No. It's not magic, folks. But my wedding ring stops leaving an imprint on my finger after drinking it for a couple days and my flats don't feel quite so pinchy on my feet by the end of the day. It also encourages me to drink more water, something I've been struggling with lately.

If you are someone like me that needs to release a little fluid, give it a try. I'm over diets/pills/fat burners. Miracle cures for weight loss just don't exist. I'm accountable for my diet and exercise habits. But this is something I struggle with whether or not I am thin. The ingredients are harmless and totally natural, it doesn't take days to prepare or cost tens of dollars, and the taste isn't horrible. And it helps. I'm in.

If you decide to try it, tell me what you think. If you find the original recipe, enlighten me!

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