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Sunday, September 23, 2012

About a week ago, I posted this on my Facebook page:

To Keurig or not to Keurig: that is the question

Little did I know, everyone and their mother has an opinion on this. Of the almost twenty people that commented, every single one shouted "Do it!"

So we did. We headed down to our local Bed, Bath and Beyond to check them out. We subscribed to text alerts and received an instant 20% off coupon. That coupon made them the most cost effective place to buy. I never thought I'd say this about BB&B, but they saved us almost 40 bucks. Even over Amazon and Target's prices.

Anywho, we came home and set it up immediately. We decided on the middle of the road, $150 version. We programmed it so it would be ready when our alarm went off the next morning, then went to bed excited to give it a go.

That little machine made our Saturday 5:30a wake up call much more bearable. I filled my travel mug and we were on our way to work a yard sale fundraiser at Kiddo's new school.

This morning, while trying to get motivated to do homework, I brewed myself a couple cups. Then I watched War of the Worlds and briefly forgot that Tom Cruise is a nutter. Don't blame the Keurig for my lack of focus. It did it's best to keep me on task.

Only, I had to refill the water reservoir 3 times and needed to brew a large cup plus a small cup just to fill my mug. How is this going to work on a hectic school morning?

So my husband is heading to town to exchange it for the beefier version. The one that can fill my mug and holds more than 20 oz of water in reserve. Still, it's an awesome invention and I am so glad we took the plunge.

The one negative for me is the landfill-clogging K-cups. We bought a reusable silicone filter (seen on the right) so we can use our own grounds on the weekends and when I plan ahead, but imagine how many used K-cups are trashed on a typical day. Yikes.  Couldn't they come up with a biodegradable version?

Eco issues aside, I am all about simplicity these days. This semester I have an 8a class and my son cannot be dropped off at his school until 7:45; giving me a very small window in order to get to class. On the mornings when I have a couple extra minutes I grab a cup at the college coffee stand. Only, it's usually disgusting. At $2 for a medium, it's less than Starbucks, but that still adds up to about $40/month. Using the Keurig, I figure that we could easily save around $400 per year on take-out coffee. And I don't have to hold my breath while I drink it.

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  1. We've had one for almost 5 years and love it! Make's great iced coffee too.


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