Eggos, Trains, Indian Food and Hearts of Cran

Thursday, September 27, 2012

How about a dose of randomness? Your wish is my command. Perhaps we can discover a little about the wonder that is me. Or question what we thought we knew. Here is a dose of my September thus pictures:

Fresh grapes from a local orchard:

A visit to a train museum:


Kiddo's newest food invention:

The Eggo Burger

Thursday's newest tradition:

Homemade Indian food delivered weekly to my son's school. We will be ordering every week.

Instagram-ing everything:

A heart on my diner placemat. Through my cranberry juice. How artistic.
Bacon pancakes. What.

It's official:

I'm a collector, yo! Perhaps now I can stop talking about Pyrex in every single post. Nah.
Summer has officially ended...

. . . but the fun has not.

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