Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Insta Tuesday...take two! I didn't take as many Instagram photos as usual because we did not have much in the way of weekend adventures. Instead, we worked the yard sale at kiddo's new school and I did homework. Still, I have something to show for this past week.

Clockwise from top left:
  • We drank the Kool-aid coffee and bought a Keurig! I love it. This is actually the second machine we had this weekend. The middle size just wasn't big enough (i.e. it didn't have a cup size that would fill my travel mug), so we exchanged it for this bad boy. I have saved $4 on take-out coffee already. Shazam.
  • My "I'm sorry I was such a grouchy button-pusher this morning" lipgloss from Kiddo. It has a lovely strawberry scent. Except you scoop it out of the owl's hind end. Still, I love it and all is forgiven.
  • "Mom, I'd like to start drinking coffee. It will get me going in the morning and start my day off right." The recipe? One tablespoon of decaff in one cup of milk. He means business.
  • My burgeoning Pyrex collection! The weekend before last we took a drive around middle New England and I stopped at almost every antique store we passed. Nothing. Guess where I found these? Within 3 miles of my house. And they were reasonably priced. Go figure.
Until next week...Happy Tuesday!


  1. We don't even drink coffee and I want a Keurig! They have some serious kool aid to make even me want it! That lipgloss is so cute! Odd that you have to scoop it out of his bum but cuteness makes up for it. Hahahaha he definitely means business! And I love love love your Pyrex collection. Super cute.

  2. I hope you enjoy your Keurig! My husband and I rarely drink coffee but we have a small one for when company comes over and I love it! That owl lip gloss is too cute!


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