The Apples of My Eye

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Guess what we did this weekend? Yep, it involved apples. We went to our favorite orchard and spent a beautiful afternoon wandering around, picking, and snapping photos. It was a lovely, relaxing time. I'm actually grateful for my husband's persistence.

My favorite apple!
Testing out the merchandise.
The road less traveled.

We took our furry buddy Jack Sparrow. He was in doggy heaven...eating bites of apple and frolicking through the orchard.

The plums were ready, too!

Hmmm...which one?
The fruit just out of reach is always the best.

They must have 100+ acres that you can roam. There is a horse barn, chickens, ponies, and sweet gardens. This place is a utopia.

It was one of those days that make you wish every day could be that way. Frozen in time.

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