It Ended Where It Began

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

After our apple-picking marathon on Sunday, we decided that some barbeque would hit the spot. The Top of the Hill Grill, in Brattleboro, Vermont is so much fun. And delish. My husband made the observation that we ate there on Memorial Day, then again the day before Labor Day. For us, Summer 2012 started and ended at this place. There is something really cool about that.

The menu is composed of paper plates backs decorated and placed around the window. I greatly respect the copious amount of glitter paint used.
The "Top of the Hill" part. I love dinner with a view.
My dinner. I don't usually eat pork, but I had to make an exception.
A man and his meat. In the spirit of transparency: Mr. Picky did NOT eat the beans and coleslaw. We had them serve his cornbread separately so that it didn't touch the other food. We've been down that particular road before and prefer to avoid it. His picky eating is probably the thing I have the least patience for.
He was all in.
Banana Boy. They had a hammock that J couldn't get enough of.
Apple-picking, meat-eating, sunset-watching hot tubber. He works for a spa manufacturer . . . so he really is hot tub obsessed.
After dinner we embarked on the scenic drive home. It really is lovely. Along the way we stopped at a small dam and played by the river.

View from the bridge that separates New Hampshire and Vermont
Enjoying the scenery.
The kid has never seen a ledge he didn't want to walk on. Sidewalk shmidewalk.
An impromptu rock-skipping lesson. Mario's rocks skip for days. It's a rather wonderful talent.

It was such a great day! Without realizing it, I live for days like this. It is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle and stress of daily life that I often for get to live in the now. This day was all about the present. What a gift.


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