Bathing Beauties

Saturday, October 6, 2012

I was never one for taking baths. I'm impatient and failed to appreciate the considerably prep time involved. Why wait to fill the tub when you can just hop on in the shower? It's the same water, right?

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Not to mention the fact that every time I attempted to take one either my lady lumps or my knees were cold. And halfway through I'd have to open the drain, then start refilling with warm water. Besides, thanks to my husband's field of employment, we have a hot tub just off the side of our house.

This summer my husband surprised me with a night at a Ritz Carlton. They had one of those deep luxurious bathtubs and after a day of walking, I decided to hop in. It was so unlike me.  Lo and behold...I loved it! My legs got the best shave, and I all my bits were covered by water.

Since that time, I've been yearning for a good bath. I always have the hot tub at my disposal, but it's not the same. And shaving/shampooing in it is frowned upon. Our master bath only has a shower stall and the other bathroom has a typical tub. I almost wish I hadn't gotten in that day, as now I know what I'm missing. A deep tub is going to be a requirement of our next house. Or at least the one after that.

In the meantime, I do what every other homeowner does when they dream of something just out of their reach...peruse Pinterest. I have decided to compile my favorite lust-worthy tubs. Right. Here. Ahhhhh.

A big bowl of Sarah soup:

Infinity tub with a fireplace? Showoff.

The classically beautiful claw foot:

It's very "take me to your leader". I love it.

A bath and a view? Perfection.

Simple. Knee-covering. Sold.
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Shabby chic built-in? I wonder if I can track down the owners and move in. Can you rent just a bathroom?
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

No cold metal here:

Rustic copper dream sequence:

If all else fails, use your imagination:


  1. I am not a huge of takings baths either because my bathtub is too shallow boo! Our next house will have the perfect one lol.

  2. LOVE clawfoot tubs!!! I want one in my bathroom & one for a couch!!! Great post! XoXo, Crystal from Billie Jean!

  3. I love baths, but I never have the time to take one! Love the pictures, how good would the bath with a view be!

    Thanks for following, I'm following back!


  4. I seriously just laughed so hard at "a big bowl of Sarah soup" haha! I want an amazing tub too and all of these are perfect! Following from the weekend blog hop!

  5. I love baths but never seem to have time to take one! Although having one of the above tubs might move it up the priority list ;)

  6. we have a big deep tub and i have only used it once. it takes so long to fill up and i'm impatient. i guess i should enjoy while i can and use it at least once a month.
    i would love to have that infinity one above tho. super cool!

  7. Okay I had no idea there were so many drool worthy tubs out there. Love them all! Now my tub is looking kind of drab in comparison!

  8. Oh heck yes to all of them!!!! I adore baths,... And 'lady lumps' love it, that is going to be my word of the day , lol!!!


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