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Monday, October 8, 2012

Do you ever have one of those days where you get on some insane kick and totally rearrange a room in your house? Or your whole house? Well...that may have happened here. 

First I decided to simplify my sidebar. Which made it so my background pattern didn't mesh. So I switched templates.

I had a total

We've all had them, right? Only, I have no idea how to write code. Or fiddle with templates. But hey, I'll learn. Nothing like having your back against a wall to get things done. 

So until then, forgive the dust. And the mismatching buttons. And whatever mess I have not yet thought of but will surely create. I really know how to get myself in a pickle. Mid-semester is NOT the time to make an electronic mess.

On the plus side, I set a personal record for fastest creation of a header from scratch. Woot!


  1. I always get the urge to rearrange things, change is good! :)

  2. I'm liking the new design! I had no idea about how to design a blog when I started, still feel like a total beginner but it can be fun (can also be pulling-out-your-hair-frustrating too!) Nice header!

  3. I got so frustrated with trying to make my blog cute, I quit and paid someone else to do it! I'm super happy with it and it saved me a lot of stress! It looks good though! PS we totally started our blogs the same month!

    New Follower!


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