Dream Sequins

Thursday, November 29, 2012

I'm not what you would call a flashy person. Sure, I like to mix up my wardrobe and make an often feeble attempt at fashion; but I tend to shy away from really bling-y pieces. Besides, I don't have a lot of places to wear them at this juncture. The little girl within hasn't been lost completely, however, as I still find myself gravitating toward the shinier things in life.

Like most things, there's a happy medium. Perhaps going full-on sequin isn't my thing, but touches of it are lovely and sophisticated. Here's what I'm coveting right now:

1. Garnet Hill Festive Long Knit Dress 2. TOMS Pewter Sequin Classics 3. Victoria's Secret Bling Tee and Legging Set 4. Banana Republic Sequin Tank 5. J. Crew Sequin Pencil Skirt 6. Target Sheer Sequin Scarf 7. Target Sydney Sequin Pump

And until the right sequin-wearing event comes along, there's always Pinterest. A special place where I get to admit that deep down I want to dress like a disco ball.

The body comes with the dress, right?
Source: poshposh.com via Mary on Pinterest

Source: boutique1.com via Amber on Pinterest

Shine on, Friends.


  1. found you through the daily tay and am your 95th follower! :)

    I LOVE this post, I am a big fan of bling :)

  2. I love the pic with the glitter! I need a fancy party so I can wear a long sparkly dress, so pretty!! :)

  3. I have totally been drooling over the right amount of sequin sparkle this year too. There's a dress at anthropologie that's to die for. And now I want that unbeliveably expensive j crew skirt.


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