I've Never Met a Problem...

Monday, November 5, 2012

...a proper cupcake couldn't fix.

Sarah Ockler

I can think of few things as cheerful as a cupcake. They're cute and tasty and induce happy thoughts with every bite. How can you maintain a bad mood while eating a fluffy cake for one?

I was in the mood to create a bright, light-hearted post and cupcakes immediately came to mind. Besides, the joy is not limited to just edible confections.

1) How cute and colorful are these little gems? They can grace my ears any day! [Cupcake Stud Earrings]
2) This pretty pink color is neutral enough for everyday wear. [bareMinerals 100% Natural Lip Gloss in Cupcake]
3) This must grace my kitchen wall. [Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake print]
4) Why is a squirrel coveting a cupcake? Uh, duh. It's delicious. Can we say quirky and cute? [I Can Has Cupcake t-shirt]
5) I love this company and their zany products. These teacup and saucer molds are no exception. [Fred and Friends Teacup cupcake molds]
6) This stationary is darling and understated. Love! [The Cupcake Collection Personalized Letterpress note cards]
7) I've been wanting to attempt these for sooo long. How cool would it be to create a cupcake rainbow? [mini chocolate cupcakes with multicolored frosting]

Happy Monday, Friends!

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