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Friday, November 2, 2012

What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.

John Steinbeck

A new scarf! You can't see it in photos, but it has a hint of sparkle and is SO cozy! [Target Cold Weather Infinity Scarf]

There is a definite chill in the air this morning: that subtle but undeniable shift between fall's end and winter's approach. At times like these I crave thick, chunky scarves. They provide that comfort and warmth I crave...like fashion's version of a cocoon. 
Of all the colors and prints out there, I find myself gravitating toward gray a lot. Perhaps it's the versatility. Or I associate gray weather with gray fabrics. On a crazy morning, gray is a safe grab when I have to wear a scarf but don't have the time to coordinate colored pieces. And the rising popularity of the infinity scarf? Heaven. 

Here are some new discoveries...and after realizing that I'd picked 3 gray scarves, I changed my tune and began to embrace more color.

1) Chunky Cowl Scarf (Etsy) (How adorable is this girl?!)
6) Lands' End Holiday Owl Scarf (okay, I had to go gray on this one...red just wasn't the same)

My scarf collection is out of control. It is a very sad day indeed when I have to say goodbye to one of them. But little can be done once a gauzy scarf looses its oomph or snags. A scarf has to be looong gone before I will bid it adieu. 

Storing them is another hurdle. Thankfully, the organization world is embracing scarf hoarders like myself. These are two that I use:

1) 10-Scarf Hanger (I have four of these and love them! The most efficient scarf organizer I've found.)
2) IKEA Komplement multi-use hanger (I like this hanger and it's ability to hold 28+ scarves, but the bottom scarves are hard to access and I forget about them)


  1. oh I love scarves too! I'd have to say that #4 and #7 are my favs :)

  2. That target scarf looks soo comfy. I need to go get some cute wintery accessories...I have a shopping problem. :P

  3. I've become such a scarf fan the last couple years. I tend to stick to the same dark colors though so may need to branch out and do some shopping!!
    Found ya via Friday Faves!


  4. I love number 1,2,5,7 haha what I have to choose one?!! Great finds Sarah!


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