Christmas doesn't come from a store,

Saturday, December 1, 2012

maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more...

Dr. Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas

I have a hard and fast rule: no Christmas until December 1st. Except for the holiday section at Target that went up in August. Because that store is my crack, my eyes have been accosted by that display several times. 

So now that Mr. D has graced me with his presence, the dam has opened. I have my yearly handmade ornaments to plan, decorations to put up, gift ideas to ponder...and you, my friends, are going to hear all about it. Well, maybe. 

Don't worry.  This isn't like the Love Channel on Sirius/XM. I'm not going to flip a switch and turn this into all Christmas all the time. I still have a child to push my buttons and a husband who conveniently has to travel for work during finals week (read: hang out enjoying the cinnamon rolls at a Holiday Inn Express). There will be non-Christmas merriment. But this girl has been freed of the constraints set by no one but herself. Well, now I'm confused. 

What I meant to say is...Happy December. Put up your tree. Shop. Drink eggnog and other sugary-sweet drinks. We can work off the diabetes in January. After we make a resolution we won't keep. Wow, that took an ugly turn. Sorry.

Happy Weekend in December!


  1. I agree about waiting until December to let the Christmas spirit to start. :)

  2. So happy it's December. Tis the season. :)

  3. We got our Christmas tree December 1st! It's the perfect time! Any before it is just weird ;)
    Loving that quote!
    xo TJ


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